Would You Stop Going To Mel Gibson Movies???

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  • heathen
    suck my bippy.

    exactly what the hell does this mean ? Maybe I should go crying to simon over this .

  • freedom96

    I enjoy his movies, and I will continue to see them..

  • Arthur

    If I boycotted every actor or actess who got loaded and acted like an ass, I would have to watch nothing but National Geographic specials.

  • luna2

    I tend to avoid Tom Cruise movies because I think he's such an ass that I really have no desire to see him in anything. It's not a boycott, just a personal preference. Mel hasn't quite attained the same level of disgust for me, so if something he was in looked like something I wanted to see, I'd go.

    I don't sit down with a list and tick off all of the reasons a certain actor/actress is a jerk and then decide that I won't support them. Like almost everybody else has said, if you did that, who would qualify as a good enough human being to deserve my movie dollars? I mean, cuz I'm like so perfectly perfect myself and all.

  • TresHappy

    Since Mel financed "Passion" himself, the money he received back, OMG, this guy probably does own Malibu. This is a man who never has to work again.

    I wouldn't boycott his movies, although he needs to do the "Mel I'm Sorry Tour" and stay sober.

  • Amazing

    Mel was drunk out of his mind ... and in that state of mind almost anyone will say anything ... this whole episode is a pile of BS. There are far more serious things for Jews to worry about ... like hezbollah.

    Jim Whitney

  • Undecided

    Maybe, if they had found some rockets in his car trunk.

    Ken P.

  • heathen

    Yah what's the big friggen deal with all this . It's like the Irish saying [email protected]#$ the Italians or visa versa . It happens every day and nobody's nationality is safe from it . They didn't find any Hezbollah recruitment guide on the guy so there are no formal charges . I think there's such a thing as being too sensitive . He was being arrested for DUI not talking on public radio or making statements on national tv . I still plan on seeing his new movie which looks very interesting to me , something to do with ancient Aztecs or something..... I love that kind of stuff

  • pamkw

    I'll still go to Mel's movies. He was stupid, drank too much and drove a car. Then when he got caught he ran his mouth. Well, if I was going to shun someone for that I would have to start with brother. And he is only an actor, who really cares what his thoughts are on politics or religion or anything. I think this should never have been a new item in the first place. He only makes movies for God's sake, it doesn't make him smart or better or anything else. It only made him rich. Now Tom Cruise on the other hand makes me sick. According to him I am a bad mother because I got me son medication for his bi polar disorder. But if Tom ever stars in a really good movie, I might actually go see it. But it would have to be excellent. Pam

  • Jourles

    My question would be....If Mel had uttered the word "Catholic" in place of "Jew," would this thread even exist? Why do the Jews think they are so special anyway?

    I am so sick and tired of hearing people labeled as "anti-semite." These days, it has got to the point that if you were to ever speak ANYTHING bad of the jews (even something very minor), the entire world looks down on you. But mention something bad of the catholics, baptists, jws, mormons, etc., people don't give a flyin' flip.

    It should be all or nothing. No double standards for one group and not another.

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