Would You Stop Going To Mel Gibson Movies???

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  • heathen

    No . I think the jews have been all up his ass over that passion movie and even forced him to change some of the bible account . I'd be a little angry as well . I would not have changed a word or left it out on account of fear of some anti semetic back lash . People are way less fanatical about those type things these days and if you read the bible you can easily see it for yourself anyway . These people don't believe in christ so where do they get off forcing people to change the story ?

  • mjarka911

    Yeah but what does he have against the juice?

    I think its delicious! Especially orange.

  • Lady Lee
    Lady Lee

    so.... how many people work on a film? Other actors, producer, director set designers and builders, sound, light, special effects, editing costume designers... the list goes on and on.

    Why should all the other people in the film be boycotted because one person does something we don't approve of.

    Whatever film Gibson is in, he is sure isn't the whole show - just one part.

  • blondie

    I think this question came up re Tom Cruise and Lady Lee's response is excellent.


  • ColdRedRain

    I'm sure Mel Gibson is just getting frustrated with Jewish people because he always gets Mel Brooks mail by mistake.

  • Blueblades

    It has to do with the content and context of the movie. Everyone is entitled to their feelings and belief systems.


  • Auchmull
    These people don't believe in christ so where do they get off forcing people to change the story ?

    suck my bippy.

  • poppers

    Mel Gibson doesn't rub me the wrong way that Tom Cruise does, even though I don't endorse what he said. There is just something so ego bound that Cruise has that puts me off watching anything new he does. He thinks it's his job to educate us less intelligent ones rather than simply entertain us on a movie screen. If he wants to enlighten us maybe he should get out of the movie business focus on what really interests him, convincing people that his views are right.

    With Gibson, I see someone who has an illness. With treatment he can recover and progress beyond the repressed prejudiced views of an entire group of people. In Gibson, I see someone who may be willing to do this. In Cruise, I see someone who would rather pontificate.

  • Mulan

    Not because of his recent behavior, no.

    I am not a big Mel Gibson fan and haven't seen most of his movies.

  • Swan

    I already did. I stopped going back when he said derogatory things about gay people. He was sober then.


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