"Giving Your Wifely Due"

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  • meems1000

    why was that again they had to put a tissue or napkin on their heads when they prayed? i've forgotten, it's been soooooo long!

  • What-A-Coincidence

    anyone overdue?

    -yeah, stupid phrase.

  • Lady Lee
    Lady Lee

    I hated that expression - absolutely hated it. It made sex into an obligation that was in more ways than one shoved down my throat.

    I was watching The Color Purple again the other day. At one point Celie is talking to Shug about sex. Shug says to Celie "That sounds like you feel he is going to the bathroom on you." (or words to that effect) Celie tells her that is exactly how it felt.

    I know exactly what they were talking about - just one dirty job to do.

    Sure am glad I learned different later on

  • carla

    In Jewish times wasn't there some laws concerning wifely and husbands giving 'due'? I thought there was an actual list that for instance if you were a laborer you had to have sex with your wife so many times a week if she so requested it, a scholar had to more often because he wasn't all tuckered out from work and so on. The wife was allowed so many times per week at her request depending on the mans work, and the man of course had 'rights' whenever he wanted. If the husband failed to live up to his end, she could go to the priest in public (I think) and tell him that her husband wasn't giving it up for her when she requested. I wonder what jw's would think of that arrangement?!

  • mrsjones5

    Good god I just thought of the worst pun ever, think of Bro. Prince and say this to yourself Due me baby!

  • Bstndance
    I wonder what jw's would think of that arrangement?!

    If you're a window washer __ number of times.

    Office Janitor ___.

    Housekeeper ____.

    Buffed floors ____.

    Landscaper ____.

    Run a pyramid scheme ____.


  • manicmama

    During my JC committee for my scriptural divorce I had to go over lurid details of my marriage. I had to explain the cheating he did, the numerous infections I endured, the small lice like animal that showed up in my pubic hair and the multiple phone calls made to my personal home number from the swingers wanting to "get together for a good time". Do you know what the head asshole elder had to say? Are you giving your wifely due? Yea, I despise that phrase.


  • AlanF

    What's the matter with that? I would think that anyone whose value is far more than that of corals would be pleased to give her due to her husbandly owner who values her so much!


  • Priest73

    I'd like some 'Due.' How come no one wants to give me some 'Due.' and not from a 'Dude.'

  • Leolaia

    1 Corinthians 7:1-7 is being misused by those who talk about a "wifely due" (which is usually thought of in sexual terms) as if there were not equally a "husbandly due". The biblical statement emphasizes mutuality and the thought is best paraphrased as follows (from Robertson & Plummer's analysis):

    "3 And the marriage should be complete, each side always rendering to the other what is due. 4. A married woman cannot do as she likes respecting her own person; it is her husband's. And in the same manner, his rights are limited by hers."

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