As An Ex or Fading Witness, Do You Have Any Goals?

by minimus 46 Replies latest jw friends

  • bem

    • I'm still working on the spiritual part thats a work in progress

    • I am going to college and getting that education I've always wanted

    • Watching my kids go to college and do what they have always wanted

    • Done some traveling and want to do lots more.

    • Find the right job for me. probably working with kids not as teacher but as counselor

    • Watching my grand daughter grow, un fettered by the wts

    The list could go on and on.
  • okie46

    These are my goals as a an Ex JW(DA 2003 - due to finding out what hypocrites they really are): 1) To get over my lifelong guilt complex, to get rid of the feeling that I was never good enough. 2) To be able to conquer my fear that I made the wrong decision and will in fact be destroyed at Armageddon, in spite of never really being able to believe everything I heard from the WT or being able to follow all the ridiculous demands made on us. 3) To deal with the heartbreak of my beloved daughter never speaking to me again, of the thought that I may never be able to be a part of my grandchildren's lives, if my daughter ever has children. 4) To deal with the loneliness I feel at having to start my life over, and to learn how to make friends and find my new place in life and not feel so isolated. 5) To figure out where I really belong and what I really belive. To find faith and trust again. 6) To finish my college education and become a Respiratory Therapist before I am 50. 7) To find and maintain a healthy loving relationship based on mutual respect, and a joint passion for learning and exploring new ideas and ways of life and actually helping others to really find true happiness. 8) To actually enjoy life for the first time.

  • dobbie

    Just to bring my children up how i want and to feel free and do what i want.Hopefully to do voluntary work once they are at school.My current goal is to try and fade!I can't really focus on having goals until i've made my mind up once and for all and left org for good, hoping they'll df me rather than me disassociate but have reasons not to be df'd yet.

  • done4good

    I was fortunate enough to go to college in the early '90s, so at least I have the degree and career thing right.

    -Anything else that includes improving life of myself and others, (including exposing the nonsense of the WTBTS), is a goal.


  • minimus

    WELCOME OKIE!!! Wonderful goals!!!!

  • plmkrzy


    I hope to get 18,000 posts one day...


    What do you think minimus's goal in the posting dept is? my goal, make more money.

  • codeblue

    Min: What are your goals?

  • forsharry

    I hope to publish a book in the future and go back to college for my RN. I also want to take over the world, but that's more of my ten year plan than anything else.

  • minimus

    Codeblue, I spoke of my goals on page 1.

  • mama1119

    I would like to study aromatherapy and natural medicine, make good lives for my children and have THE BEST CHRISTMAS EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!

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