As An Ex or Fading Witness, Do You Have Any Goals?

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  • undercover

    I hope to get 18,000 posts one day...

  • caligirl

    Yes, a very long and happy life and 20 years from now, I will be lauging my a** off at all the people who are still waiting expectantly for God to zap me with a big old lightening bolt or swallow mw up in a big earthquake fault line.

  • earthtone

    Just working on getting all the ingrain misconceptions about everything not "Society" approved. Everything is pagan or wrong for some reason or another, so I plan to just enjoy life, all of it and not worry about pleasing anyone but God.

  • lonelysheep

    To make it as a songwriter one day

    To finish college

    To teach my kids the value in being non-judgemental

  • LeftBehind

    To finish up college as quickly as possible is my #1 goal. I am also catching up on all the things I missed out on while in the dubs. I don't know if I should post this or not but it is a goal. I want to have sex. I just have not found the right guy yet. I don't want marriage or anything but I don't want it to be with just anyone. After I graduate college I want to start my own business. I've always wanted that.

  • Quandry

    Even though I am past fifty, I am in college. I hope eventually I can get a degree, although I have to work fulltime at a low paying job right now, because of course I did not get an education when younger.

    My goal is also to make others' days brighter. Everyone deserves to be alive. We are not, I have learned, in a position to judge others as unworthy of life. I plan on doing what I can to make everyone' journey in life a more pleasant one if I can.

    I encourage others, especially those who are depressed right now because of recently having their "blinders" removed about the WT Society, to get busy with any worthwhile project of self improvement or volunteer service. It will make you feel like a worthwhile person instead of always having the WT guilt of not doing enough, not being good enough, etc.

  • SPAZnik


  • serendipity

    My goals: Don't worry, be happy, find love, get my daughter through college and find some purposeful activity to take the place of the life-saving preaching work.

  • MegaDude

    continue exploring my spiritual path which I'm enjoying

    transition to new career goal

    learn to take photographs as well as Sparkplug

    scuba with Tiger Sharks in the Bahamas

    move to a more scenic environment

    sail a Hobie Cat on one pontoon across a lake

    river raft down Class IV rapids

    hike to the top of Mt. Whitney

    make a documentary film or write one

    continue in being the official queso maker for Dallas apostofests

    help my mother and brother transition out of the JWs

    have a more open heart to people

  • codeblue

    Sure...but since I am fading I can't mention them here.

    Life is a new journey!


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