For those not sick to death of talking about this...607 BCE

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    Ok, choose any interpretation you like as to what the Bible meant when it said Tyre would never be rebuilt. Now tell me how does this prove 587 or disprove 607? Please spare us the insult of saying, 'Well if your interpretation is wrong about Tyre then its wrong about Egypt.' One has nothing to do with the other. Besides, I'm letting you choose whatever interpretation you like concerning Tyre.

    OK you get backed into a corner and have to make concessions, so you try to put stupid conditions on answers. Of course one has something to do with the other. They are from the same book of the bible. The point of the whole matter is that you insist on a particular interpretation of the Egypt 40 year prophecy and Tyre prophecy because you want to use it to support YOUR chronology. The problem is that taken for what it is, the Egypt 40 year prophecy, is proof of nothing but the fact that prophecy was made. How it was fufilled and when it was fufilled has not been proved in any sense. You can make all the CLAIMS that you want but they are just that claims. Your claims are baseless and betray your intellectualy dishonest presupposition that 607 is correct. It is possible that at one point you and I were alike. I tried to prove 607 to the best of my ability. I was even dishonest at times trying to do it, something I am a bit embarrassed to admit. But my love for truth just would not allow me to continue to ignore the preponderance of evidence. I had to accept the fact that I was not defending "bible chronology" but was defending a "man's chronology" as you are also doing. If you throw away all your preconcieved ideas and just look at the archealogical evidence and the bible you will see that they agree. What you won't find is 607. -r

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    Your tabulation is shonky because it is easily seen that the Tishri, the seventh month = September/October could not have fallen in 538 but only occurs in 537 BCE for the first year of Cyrus from Nisan, 538 to Nisan 537 BCE. For that crucial year to have fallen in 538 then you have in the accession year of Cyrus not his first year.

    Your silly and stupid tabulation does not work because you 538, 537 and 536 beginning from January instead of March-April as the beginning of the year so you have replicated an error of three months.

    You should sit down and do the tabulation again and do not drink any XXXX whilst attempting this simple task.

    scholar JW

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    Did you find the names of those Celebrated Watchtower Scholars?

  • jayhawk1

    Scholar... Scholar... Were did you go? You still have not answered my question.

    What are the names of the Celebrated Watchtower Scholars?

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    You people sure can use a lot of words to say absolutely nothing.

    Ok, so far we have jayhawk, dansk, fullofdoubt, hillarystep, who have honestly admitted that they would take secular evidence over Bible evidence any day. Honesty is good and I am glad to see such honesty.

    Others however continue to claim the Bible is correct when it says Neb would desolate Egypt for 40 years but then turn around and say it didn't really happen because it was symbolic and/or Egypt repented and Jehovah changed his mind. I really do not believe that you believe that because there is no reason to make either claims. Pure conjecture without any backing oh except.........interpretation by the secular historians. Legions of problems of course for the 40 year desolation. Now lets ask it like this to see your true agenda:

    Other than the conclusions of historians based on their interpretation of the secular evidence do you have any scriptural reason whatsoever for arbitrarily deciding that the 40 year desolation never happened?

    Please don't insult our intelligence by saying Tyre is figurative so Egypt is figurative. They are not connected. Revelation is figurative so the 40 year desolation is figurative. They are not connected. I would like to see Biblical evidence from Ezekiel or another writer that gives you scriptural reasons to say that it was never fulfilled. Let me give some examples.

    A scripture showing Egypt having dealings with Babylon from 588 to 548.

    A prophecy where 40 years did not mean 40 years.

    A prophecy about Egypt concerning things it would do from 588 to 548 that contradicts the 40 year desolation.

    And so forth.

    Remember, here is the catch, do not use secular evidence that you think supports the conclusion that the 40 year desolation never happened. Just use the Bible.

    If you cannot then you will be showing that you place secular historians' conclusion over clear Bible evidence. You are showing that to support the secular evidence as you see it, you are willing to twist the Bible arbitrarily, with no basis for doing so just so it will fit the secular evidence that you believe happened.

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    Thirdwitness, you are needed in another thread.

    I would be interested in your comments over there.

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    Alan F


    You have certainly given me the coordinates for the modern city of Tyre which is the middle of the sandbar and that is most helpful but is this to be taken the eact site of the ancient city? If not then supply the precise coordinates for that ancient Phoenecian city of Tyre "never to be rebuilt". If you can do this then I can supply such enlightenment with a leading archaeological society indicating the source, Alan Feuerbacher that this is really the case. Because if your claim is valid that ancient Tyre is now rebuilt then it now must exist can can now be properly identified.

    You say that the present island city as it stands today inhabited with numerous dwellings is in fact ancient Tyre but id I went there there today and as I stand on that piece of land with an archaeologist at hand, could it then be said that now I am standing on ancient Tyre because it is now rebuilt? Your account of matters does not square with what is presented in archaeological reports because it is common knowledge that the remnants of the ancient city are submerged.

    Your tabulation of the months for the ist Year of Cyrus from Nisan 538 to Adar 537 is incorrect and does not agree with my tabulation. Both our tabulations agree up to the seventh month Tishr, September/October which you show as a continuation of the 538 year. However, this is incorrect because the year runs not from January to December as per our modern calendation but from Nisan- April May through to Adar- February/March. This means that at Tishri in the 538-537 cycle as the first year of Cyrus, as the seventh month was the beginning of 537 which continued as such until the following Adar which introduced the second year of Cyrus from Nisan 536 to Adar 535.

    Your error is that of calendation in that tou mistakenly are substituting the calenders, the old with the new, the Babylonian with the Gregorian. The correct procedure is to follow the Babylonian/ Jewish Calender converting the months into our calender.

    scholar JW

  • jayhawk1
    Please don't insult our intelligence by saying Tyre is figurative so Egypt is figurative. They are not connected. Revelation is figurative so the 40 year desolation is figurative. They are not connected.

    Thirdwitness, I asked you a direct question. How is one to know which prophecy is figurative and which is literal? I can even go along with you saying Tyre and Egypt are not connected. If you want to know why I don't trust the Bible is because of people such as yourself saying, "this one is figurative and this one is literal." How can you tell the two apart?

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    So pseudo-scholar!! What about the "current archaeological reports" you mentioned in your last message to me? Do they or do they not say what you claimed they say?

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    Scholar, I asked you a direct question. Who are the celebrated watchtower scholars?

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