For those not sick to death of talking about this...607 BCE

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  • Leolaia
    The Bible clearly said Tyre would at some point be destroyed and never be rebuilt. It is an interesting question as to how this would be fulfilled? Here are different interpretations:

    ROTFL, none of those interpretations represent what the text actually says....that the debris would be cast into the sea, even the dust, leaving Tyre as bare as a shiny rock never to be rebuilt. So saying the prophecy was still fulfilled because a later city was built on the site or that it "was not built to its former glory" etc. is disregarding what the prophecy actually says.

    Ok, choose any interpretation you like as to what the Bible meant when it said Tyre would never be rebuilt.

    How about a plain reading of what the text says itself? See above.

    But I keep wondering why is this being discussed on a thread about 607.

    You started this whole discussion on the 70 years of Tyre and the 40 years of Egypt as disproving 587 BC, or is your memory so short?

    What evidence do I have of the 40 year desolation of Egypt? I have the ultimate evidence, the highest possible evidence that can be attained. I have the word of Jehovah.

    And who is the one talking like a broken record, failing to address the points previously borught up on this?

    There is a reason why most refuse to answer the question was Egypt desolated for 40 years by Babylon.

    Yeah, it's that burden of proof thing I already mentioned to you several times already.

    If you say yes then you have disproved 587.

    Why would we say yes if you've given us zilch evidence any such thing took place?

    But if you say no, like auldsoul has, then you have contradicted Jehovah.

    Auldsoul did not say that Jehovah or Ezekiel did not send such a warning out. But pointing out that Jehovah can annul his own warnings, and thus you cannot take such warnings as prima facie evidence that such warnings actually came to pass, is NOT "contradicting Jehovah", it's using commen sense. Or do you believe that Ninevah was actually destroyed in the 9th century BC because Jehovah and Jonah said that it would be?

    you certainly don't want to outrightly contradict Jehovah although auldsoul had no problem doing just that.

    Your logic is so narrow it would make Jehovah contradict himself when he annulled his warning against Ninevah.

    Jehovah's word or secular evidence? Which do we accept? Yes, it really is just that simple.

    Your illogic has been pointed out to you many times and still you press on undeterred.

    But Tyre being rebuilt or not could only need to be discussed here if a person is trying to show that the Bible and especially Ezekiel is unreliable.

    False. The two predictions were connected together by Ezekiel himself. You used this link in your very first post on the 40 years to begin dating the 40 years many years later than the destruction of Jerusalem, contrary to what the oracle says itself and as I took the trouble to show you two days ago.

    Do you seriously want an answer to this question? As if the scripture said that Neb had to be around for the whole 40 years?

    That was only pointed out because you yourself said that "Egypt [was] desolated for 40 years without inhabitant during Neb's rule like the Bible prophecied it would be". Perhaps you missed that.

    I suggest if you want to talk about what it meant when it said Tyre would never be rebuilt and whether Jerusalem has been rebuilt in the same sense then start a new thread. It has nothing to do with 607.

    LOL, you opened that Pandora's box, and it has everything to do with your "proof" about the 40 years, and your insistence that prophetic warnings equal history.

  • thirdwitness

    And another. I've asked this one three times now. Were the heavens and the earth created in six days, as Exodus states? AlanF As if this has anything to do with 607. Did the Israelites wander in the wilderness for 40 years? You attempting to sidestep the question of the 40 year desolation of Egypt is apparent because you have no answer for it.

  • AuldSoul
    thirdwitness: ...if you want to talk about what it meant when it said Tyre would never be rebuilt and whether Jerusalem has been rebuilt in the same sense then start a new thread.

    I want to talk about the Hillah Stele with you. I started a new thread. You haven't responded. And I know why.

    thirdwitness and other pseudo-scholars: Let's discuss the Hillah Stele

    There's the link. Consider this a gauntlet thrown. Show your capacity or decline.


  • thirdwitness

    Leo, you need to go back and read. As usual you are wrong in your interpretation. Tyre being rebuilt was brought up by 587 proponents to try to prove that the 40 year desolation of Egypt was wrongly interpreted just like Tyre being rebuilt prophecy. Tyre being rebuilt or not has nothing to do with the 70 year prophecy on Tyre in Isaiah.

    So you are wrong about who brought up Tyre being rebuilt but why not. You are wrong on most everything else as well.

  • Big Tex
    Big Tex

    I read through this thread as if I were an active, but questioning Witness. I am struck again and again how someone who claims to have the 'truth' refuses to defend it. The only defenses seem to be either to ignore a question or to misdirect the question, followed by waves of arrogant illogic.

    AlanF, AuldSoul and Leolaia have asked logical, well thought out questions that, were I a doubting Witness, I would want answers to. The fact that thirdwitness either cannot or will not, would only increase my doubts about Jehovah's Witnesses and their version of the very important 607 date. It would also make me wonder if they were wrong, perhaps deliberately so, what else are they wrong about.

    This is exactly the type of thread that can only help a Witness with doubts realize how this sect plays fast and loose with facts. Perhaps this is one reason why questions are not encouraged, or tolerated for long, in that sect.

  • thirdwitness

    Jayhawk said:

    The Bible says Tyre would never be rebuilt. It was.

    The Bible says Egypt would be inhabitable for 40 years. No proof other than the Bible says so.

    Why are these subjects being discussed in a 607 thread? Because the Bible is inaccurate. What else can it be wrong on?

    Thirdwitness, you say we should accept the Bible at its word, why? I'm sure if I studied the Bible a little further, I would find other things it is wrong about. But I must draw the line somewhere. Your arguements have proved to me that it is a waste of time to invest time into studying the Bible for facts. At last, some honesty from someone. Admission that he accepts secular evidence over the bible. Admission that he does not accept the 40 year desolation prophecy because there is no secular evidence to prove it. Admission that 607 is wrong because secular historians say it is 587. It doesn't matter what the bible says. I am glad to see such honesty. Thanks Jayhawk. I respect that more than those who try to pretend they accept the Bible but deny what it really says so they can hang on to their 587 theory and call it Biblical.

  • jayhawk1


    Was that the first post of mine that you read? I have been asking you for proof other than "because the Bible says so" all this time. Like any Jehovah's Witness claims, I want a second witness to the account so the first account is believable. Provide that second "witness" to the event and I will believe what the Bible says about the event.

    Other things I don't believe in...

    Worldwide flood

    Sun standing still

    Heavens and Earth created in 6 days

    Walls of Jerico falling down

    Soddom and Gomorrah destroyed

    and others...

    Prove anything actually happened by another source and you have a fact, not a theory. The burden of proof is on you if you want anyone to change their thinking to your side of the issue.

  • Dansk
    it has nothing to do with 607 unless your claim is that the Bible is false.

    Is that your claim?

    It's certainly MY claim!


  • fullofdoubtnow
    it has nothing to do with 607 unless your claim is that the Bible is false.

    Is that your claim?

    It's certainly MY claim!

    And mine!


  • AuldSoul

    I have a shocking revelation for you, thirdwitness. The Governing Body already knows 607 BC is wrong, without any question or debate. The Hillah Stele proved it to them and so they are silent about why they place Nabonidus' 1st regnal year at 555 BC and his accession year at 556 BC.

    You will not find any Watchtower Society reference to the Hillah Stele or to Nabon. No. 8, although they do know about it and its significance to the body of proof against 607 BC as the date for the destruction of Solomon's Temple. Mind you, I don't particularly care when the temple was destroyed because I know the timing of its destruction has no significance whatsoever to the fulfillment of any prophecy in the Bible. But the Hillah Stele, along with two other supportive primary documents, eliminate all possibility of extra king theories, unaccounted year theories, and 607 BC as the destruction of the Temple theories.

    You see, there is positive primary evidence of extremely high confidence that the 16th regnal year of Nabopolassar was 609 BC, such that questioning this reality is tantamount to questioning 539 BC as the date for the fall of Babylon. Since this positive primary evidence exists, the Temple could not have been destroyed in 607 BC. In fact, the evidence is just as strong as the evidence that Solomon's Temple was not destroyed in 1482 AD. While the evidence does not independently suggest when the destruction did occur, it is quite serviceable for completely ruling out a goodly number of years, including 607 BC.

    Through the logical process of elimination prompted by available primary evidences that correspond with the Bible record in every way, we are left with only two possiblities, 587 BC and 586 BC. The former being the one of MUCH stronger likelihood, the latter approaching the point of being ruled out altogether.


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