What Things Did You Hate About Being A Jehovah's Witness?

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  • CordyC


    The fact that my mom has grown increasingly fanatical about this sham of a religion.


    That I am living a lie right now being gay and closeted from my mother

    The fact that I feel like I am going to have a nervous breakdown at every meeting I go to.

    That I ever got baptized in the first place

    Conventions and assemblies where you are made to feel like the lowest common demoninator

    I know there are more, but this is a good portion of it.


  • asleif_dufansdottir

    Being told over and over again...and reading over and over again... how Jehovah's wonderful, clean, fair organization is different from other religions and wrongdoing or unfairness "didn't happen". Men didn't terrorize their wives, parents weren't horrible to their children, people didn't get away with breaking the rules...and seeing it all happen over and over again in the congregation and get covered up. And getting threatened not to "gossip" about it.

    The hypocracy just got to me, how we were told over and over again that JWs were different and 'Jehovah's rules and regulations' (about every little damned thing) were enforced...then being told to "wait on Jehovah" when it didn't turn out to be true.

    WTF? Wait on Jehovah??? That's not what you told me when I was studying. You told me to "get out of false religion". So why all of a sudden is this different??

    That's one advantage of being an adult convert, if you can manage to think for yourself long enough to realize the hypocracy.

  • asleif_dufansdottir

    Oh. And pantyhose. Pantyhose actually are tied with hypocrisy in my book.

  • sunshineToo

    Being Anti-Social and being a hypocrate.

  • dobbie

    Being told what we could or could'nt wear, how much make up etc

    People asking me why we don't celebrate things like fathers day when its not pagan and me no having an answer because they're right its not worshipping anyone!

    Having my non jw family think i was a nutter!

    Not letting my children go to birthday parties

    Being told to answer up when i didn't want to

    Having to go to meetings prepare for them study daily text read magazines personal study etc with little ones - impossible!

    Actually would be alot quicker to say why i liked going to meetings - umm..... buying clothes to wear there i think thats it!

  • HadEnuf

    Always, ALWAYS feeling that you weren't measuring up. That kind of guilt over years and years does nasty things to your brain. I believe half of mine is now dead and gone. Oh well...at least I'm living proof that you can live with only half of a functioning brain...sort of. Now where did I put those pills?????

    cathy l.

  • LisaRose

    It's a tie for me:

    BORING Freakin' meetings.

    Knocking on doors

    Constant guilt

  • aarque
    I especially hated the weekends. Back in the 1960's the MS/SM were on Friday nights. So, I'd be at the meeting Friday nights for 2+ hours, out in service Saturday mornings 9-12 (and no coffee breaks!) The afternoon was usually spent getting ready for the WT study the next day, then Sunday's talk and WT study which started at 2 PM and ran until it was finished (sometimes 2+hours). We were always getting ready for meetings or going to meetings. There was never any time to be just a kid.
  • JapanBoy

    really hated the following:

    Having to get a haircut in the early 70's when all my 15 and 16 year old classmates had hair down to their shoulders

    calling on doors in the fs and being forced to go with this old Polish brother who harldly spoke english........his mo was to say hello and then when the door was being closed on him he would actually stick his foot in it and then try to argue with the householder.

    having to call on doors as a teen ager in the neighbourhood that you know was full of your classmates and then when you said that you would not do a particular house because you knew that one of your classmates lived there being to made feel bad, by one of the elders, for not giving a thourough witness F**K this S**T!!!!

    later on in life going to the bathroom during the public talk to underline the WT so it looked like you studied....tis could be done in 3 minutes flat.......good for maintaining your stus as a goo ms that i was.

    going through 'bethel' in new york in the ealry 1970's and being told by my aunt that i'd have to get a haircut before touring the bethel so as not to stumble any of the robots working there....[my hair at the time was barely over my ears and touching my collar a real no no!!!!]

    not being able to listen to rock!!! we did it anyway

    drinking to much as a teenager

    going back to school after Xmas........and getting bugged by many kids that you were a 'jehovah!'

    not going to college or university because of some holier than thou pricks in new york

    just my 2 bitz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! K

  • yaddayadda

    The endless meetings, 3 frikkin times a week, on and on and on, so boorrrrrinnngg,,, yawwn...zzz

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