What Things Did You Hate About Being A Jehovah's Witness?

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  • Life Is Grand
    Life Is Grand

    I hated standing out in the hall at school during the national anthem and Lords Prayer-cruelty to kids...

    And going as a group to a movie and NOT standing up for Oh Canada while everyone around us made rude comments.

    Now I stand and sing PROUD AND LOUD!!!!!


  • JH

    1) Way too many meetings

    2) I hated talking in public at the hall

    3) I didn't mind preaching to strangers, once a month, not more, if that meant being saved.

    4) I hated wearing a suit, shirt and tie

    5) I hated having to prepare meetings and being expected to participate

    6) I hated being different from normal worldly people

  • What-A-Coincidence
    going to halls with no or ugly chicks
  • blondie

    I hated that so many JWs felt that these were Christian behaviors.

    1) gossiping

    2) back stabbing

    3) lying

    4) gossiping

    5) back stabbing

    6) lying

  • fullofdoubtnow

    I hated the gossip that went on before and especially after every meeting.

    I also hated the feeling of failure I always had, no matter how much I did as a jw.

  • Nowman

    1. My friends were afraid of my parents

    2. not being allowed to wear certain clothes to school that my parents bought for me?

    3. not being able to participate in school activities

    4. not being able to hang out with kids at school

    5. sitting between my parents at the KH

    6. being an elder's daughter

    7. having seven inches cut off my head of hair so my parents could make sure I stayed humble

    8. "he says use the rod", and having to sing that song sometimes (obviously not the title, but this was one of the lines, and my mom would smile while she sang it to me)

    9. all the freakin studying

    10. just being one

  • Dave_T

    Many things but the one thing that I hated the most and that eventually helped me leave the organization: I knew worldly people who were great persons and it bothered me that I would live forever in a better world while these worldly people would die even though they were better people than most JWs I knew (including myself).

  • done4good

    ****Oh I also hated having to worry about hurting everyone elses feelings if I had a beer in front of someone who objected, or listened to music that someone else didnt like. Its nice being able to make your own decisions without worrying about getting grief from some easily offended zombie***

    Probably more than anything...


  • jason bourne
    jason bourne

    Yes....I agree with alot of the sentiments posted thus far....I hated the fear that elders put into us, the fear of making a mistake

  • BluesBrother

    Saturday and Sunday mornings and having to "take the lead" at the Field Ministry and pretend that I was enthusiastic.

    Every midweek night being taken up with either for 1) Prepare to take the next Meeting, 2) going to the Meeting, or 3) boring Secretarial duties or even an elders meeting.

    Teadmill , treadmill...


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