Are they at it again...shockin announcement September

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  • james_woods

    My best bet is that the "big news" was this ridiculous evolution "Awake" and everybody needs to go out and "publish" it.

    I don't think they have anybody there who can come up with new dogma world end prophecy anymore.

    Long live Freddy.

  • avengers
    Once it fizzles out we will experience an influx of disillusioned dubs on this board.

    Very well put. Damn shame though.


  • 95stormfront
    My Dad is the P.O. of my old hall. He tells my Mom EVERYTHING. My Mom tells ME everything. If something was coming, I would have heard it by now.

    All the more reason why I told these goons nothing when they were invited to my home by my wife under the pretense of wanting to see the new house when in reality all they wanted was to talk to me.

  • cruzanheart

    "The Governing Body has decided that they need to relocate away from the evil United States to a field more conducive to the furtherance of the preaching work, so they're taking all of the money that has been amassed by your oh-so-generous donations and moving to Argentina. They'll be in touch with the brothers after they get settled."


  • Legolas

    I don't know when...but some time soon they have to announce that 'the door did NOT shut in 1935' ...they can't keep saying that all the young GB are replacements!

  • Mastodon

    The GB has decided to defrost Fred Franz, make him write a new gospel and then let him fizzle away like a bad fart...

  • jason bourne
    jason bourne

    Seriously, does anyone know what the announcement is?

  • AK - Jeff
    AK - Jeff

    I think it is a 'pre-emptive strike' of sorts.

    The end of the service year is coming soon. The numbers are looking bad for another year of declines. The hype is designed to get those laggards out in service before the big announcement and all the 'special activity' in September, that might just be followed by the really Big A on Oct 4/5.

    The mention of being able to 'report' the tracts is to motivate the sales force to bettter performance, and the slave-drivers to better slave-driving.


  • blondie

    jason, see this thread

  • heathen

    Wow , yah I can imagine them admitting to involvement with the UN as an NGO and finally explaining that ....... NOT knowing them it will probly be about changing the way they bind their book covers or something completely trivial . Too bad it won't be about some new music or something people can get into other than that arcane song book they use . "we're jehovah witness ... our God doesn't give us any true prophesy so move along with your life blah blah ......."

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