Are they at it again...shockin announcement September

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  • Bryan
    "Armageddon Oct 2 2006 - OR we shut up shop and all go home".

    You crack me up, facts!

  • Scully


    All air and no poop again

    Unless you count the contents of the literature. Then it's poop a-plenty!

  • justsomedude
    Must admit i do still get a small chill when i read stuff like this though..damn long before i can just laugh at this sort of nonsense without first having a bad feeling.

    Once I finally realized that it wasnt true, I dont think Ive had one pang of regret that maybe the big A is still coming. I guess just give it time.

    The only bad feeling I get is when I hear my parents talk about this nonsense and feel ill because I dont know how to tell them its all bunk.

  • Angelica

    Perhaps it will be an announcement of a reprint of the Revelation book. After all how can a publication full of outdated doctrine regarding the UN and end times be studied all over again. Just a thought...

  • Arthur

    I have just spoken on the phone to a close friend who works in the Service Department in Brooklyn about this anouncement.

    He has informed me that there is indeed a shocking anouncement that will be delivered after one of the Sunday talks. He said that it will disturb many. The announcement will be this:

    From now on, the white signs that they use at Conventions that read "Please Keep Moving" will be printed in recycled paper only, and that they will only purchase potted plants that have been treated with organic pesticides.

  • Stealth453

    Unless you count the contents of the literature. Then it's poop a-plenty!

    I stand corrected.

  • xJ-HO

    Reading posts like this makes me feel so grateful for being out of the organisation. I remember only too well, that sickening feeling of dread when finding out, and even worse, speculating about a new announcement. Afterwards, making sure that you make it to every meeting and start praying your butt off; lol!! I couldn't care less now, and there is so much freedom living a life without that fear/knee jerk reaction.

  • JH

    What better time than Septmeber to announce something shocking.

  • Taythan

    We must remember that the Watchtower Bible and Tract society is a "publishing" company first and a religion second so any big announcment is most likely going to be the release of some sort of printed material full of "new light".

  • spoopy

    This is the first time I have posted. For what it is worth I told the p.o. of our cong. about the special awake campaign in sept. on evolution and the kingdom news campaign in sept. I only did it to watch his jaw drop. Let me tell you his expression was priceless. After he picked himself up off the floor, he told me that the elders don't even know about that. Then he proceeded to tell me that there is going to be another announcement in Sept. but it to was confidential.

    And that's all I know about that.

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