One of the most irritating things you can say to a Witness?

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  • free2beme

    Tell them

    "Does that dress itch a little? As it did when I owned it." Same thing can be said to a man in a suit.

  • Honesty

    Just tell them, "I'm a sinner in need of a Savior. Will you pray to Jesus with me?"

  • barry

    When I first went to a Kingdom Hall I quite innocently asked for a Hymn Book but I dont Know if That would be offencive to them . It didnt seem to be .


    Spaznik wrote:

    Tell them you heard things about them on the internet. LMAO

    I laughed out loud at this one . . . Love it!!!

    or Gregor:

    Play dumb and say in a friendly tone, "Oh, you're the folks that keep saying the world is coming to an end and then keep putting it off?"

    They know you are right---they are false prophets . . .

    This tops them all . . . If I was still a JW, I'd have quit on the spot if I got this:OMG

    "Oh, you're the church that has so many pedofiles but won't turn them in?"



  • anewme

    OMG you guys are shredders!!!! Freetobeme, that comment about the second hand clothes!!!!!!
    I could never talk like that to them. Really I cannot. Thats probably why I moved way far into the canyons where they never come.

    You are too funny all of you!!!!!!!

  • Arthur

    I used to get so irritated when I would be out in service and I would be walking up to a person who was in there front yard; and they would say: "Are you with the Watchtower?" I got so sick of that. So I think a funny thing to say to a Witness is:

    Refer to a JW as a Watchtower's Witness

    Refer to the field service as Sticking Tracts Under Door Mats

    Refer to the Memorial as emblem hot-potato

    Refer to Circuit and District Overseers as Middle Management

    Refer to the New World Translation as the New Watchtower Translation

    Refer to Brooklyn Bethel as Brooklyn Brothel

  • mrsjones5
    My relatives that are still Witnesses, always hate it when I say one thing to them, more then any others ...

    "Are you going to church tonight?"

    "Were you at church?"

    "How was church?"

    Why is that? Did you ever wonder why we were so emotional about making sure people did not call our illustrious meetings or Kingdom Halls, churches? Isn't a church defined as

    Church : A building for public, especially Christian worship

    I have to agree, my parents hated when I talk about going to church. At one point I told them that since it was getting their knickers in such a twist that I wouldn't bring it up again. Funny though every chance my mother gets she talks about going to the kingdom hall.


  • Terry

    "You want me to read religious material designed to change my mind, but, hypocritically refuse to do the same--what's THAT all about?"

    "Your Watchtower magazines get all excited about the End of 6,000 years of human history and then stop mentioning it at all! Why?"

    "Those Millions who were NOW living that would never die--why are they dead??"

  • undercover

    I don't know if this is common but it used to gripe us...

    [deep country Southern drawl] "You one ah dem Jehovers?" [deep country Southern drawl]

  • hartstrings
    "You want me to read religious material designed to change my mind, but, hypocritically refuse to do the same--what's THAT all about?"

    Love this Terry and this is one of the few listed in this thread that would have made me really think all day as a full-time dub.


    "You preach about the dangers of propaganda because it is one-sided, yet your governing body discourages "independent thinking." Why is that?"

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