One of the most irritating things you can say to a Witness?

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  • jayhawk1

    I need to work that line into my speech on Tuesday or Thursday. "Finally, if you ever need to make a JW cringe, just call their meetings/kingdom halls a church."

  • startingover

    I have a couple of JW friends that I can pretty much say anything to. Once one of them called and wanted to talk to my wife. She was at the meeting, so I told him she was at church. It was so disturbing for him to hear that, so I told him that was really what it was wasn't it?

    Another one I use is calling the organization a social club. I refrain from using cult as that will never go over well.

    Once I came home from an event I participated in when the after effects of 9-11 were the appearance of flags. The t-shirt I came home with had a small flag imbedded in the design. I honestly didn't even notice it, but I noticed that my wife would not let that be visible after washing it. She hid it in the drawer and always made sure it was covered up when I laid it out on top of the stack. Can't have a flag around the house now can we?

  • carla

    I won't call it a church as that would be almost like giving them some credence of being of God or something. The publishing company suffices or social club. I have slipped and accidentally called it the hell. oops! oh well, it was one of those kinds of conversations. I will use jihivih or insert any vowels I choose at the moment as my jw has admitted that is correct, you can add any vowel.

    A flag? Got a nice big one hanging on the house next to the cross a family member gave for a Christmas gift.

  • Gregor

    Play dumb and say in a friendly tone,

    "Oh, you're the folks that keep saying the world is coming to an end and then keep putting it off?"

    "Oh, you're the people who forbid blood tranfusions. I understand a lot of your members died because of it, but now your not as strict?"

    "Oh, you're the church that has so many pedofiles but won't turn them in?"

    "Oh, you're the church that forbids its members to read anything critical of it?"

    Keep this list by the front door.

  • SPAZnik

    Good Luck!

  • New Worldly Translation
    New Worldly Translation
    Another one I use is calling the organization a social club

    lol, I've started saying that too Startingover. My parents just laugh, they know it's true.

  • parakeet

    Call FS work "door-knocking," as in, "How did your door-knocking go today. Did you have good luck?"

  • Wordly Andre
    Wordly Andre

    You could say your one of the 144,000 and boy was it a crazy dream!

  • divejunkie

    Just wish them "Good Luck!" or say "Wish me luck" about anything that is about to start.

    You can see their neck stiff the moment you say it. But they will wish each other "Success" before they go out to FS. Like it doesn't mean the same stupid.

  • LovesDubs

    When you all were saying STAY ALIVE TIL 75!! Did you mean 2075?

    Russell was a Mason and an adulterer.

    Rutherford was a Nazi alcoholic who wanted to rule the world and wasnt a Christian any more than Constantine.

    World conditions arent any worse than they have ever been EVER in just hear about it more because of technology.

    Can we just study out of my King James Bible in my bible study?

    Do you guys have Sunday School for your little ones in your churches?

    I heard you guys dont like oral sex? AND you cant have caffeine??? How do you LIVE??

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