past lives

by BlackSwan of Memphis 51 Replies latest jw friends

  • OpenFireGlass

    Ok so when do we get to hear ya sing? ;)

    actually, I was Jim the poet, and Tripper...

    Ms.Whip, Do I make your ears burn?.. don't see ya for days... I make a comment about you, and Wal-la... there you are.... Don't be such a stranger, Hottie...

  • Bstndance

    An airline pilot. I love aviation and I'm always reading cockpit voice recorder transcripts.

  • Arthur

    Hey Frozen One,

    I took that same online test that you did and it said that I was a Well Known Damsel in Distress!

  • caligirl

    Ok Frozen one, I took that little test, and the first time with my nickname, it said I was a consevative exicutioner, and the second time with my real first name it says I was a mean lunatic. I don't get the feeling that either of those are accurate.

    I do know that I am VERY uncomfortable having my back to a door, so maybe I was shot in the back in a former life in the wild west.

  • AlmostAtheist

    AlmostAtheist was a Trustworthy Pool Shark
    in a past life.

    Dave was a Deceitful Executioner
    in a past life.

    Take your pick... :-)


  • OpenFireGlass

    actually, I was Jim the poet, and Tripper...

    ... and a "Rebel"... Remember how Dick Clark, didn't want him to sing, "girl we couldn't get much higher".. Well there you go!... Nuff said?

  • BlackSwan of Memphis
    BlackSwan of Memphis

    This is just too funny:

    meagan wasan Unstable Cult Leader
    in a past life.

    Blackswan of Memphis wasan Important Stuntman
    in a past life.

    Now how did they know that?

    OFG ok, ok if ya don't wanna sing just say so you rebel


  • serendipity
    But you seem Waaaaay nicer then Elizabeth.

    And where are my manners: Thanks BSOM!

  • Terry

    Past Lives question:

    Why does the population of Earth continue to expand exponentially if we are just recyling lives?

    Why are so many persons who recall past lives not anonymous identites? Why is it always famous historical figures? With the trillions of people who

    have come and gone you'd think there would be a staggering per centage of nobodies and a vanishingly small amount of somebodies.

    Ancient civilizations had little scientific knowledge and a plethora of ignorant superstitions. Why are we so attracted to exotic ideas from backward peoples and times?

    These are actual questions I have. I'm not being a smarty-pants.

  • BlackSwan of Memphis
    BlackSwan of Memphis

    Hey you know I got to thinking about Elizabeth, she really wasn't all that bad up until things started going a little haywire for her.
    THEN she whacked all the people that stuck her.

    Dave: My vote is for trustworthy pool shark. I mean deceitful executioner could go a few different ways. It could be a good thing it could be a bad thing. But trustworthy pool shark, there is never enough of those in this world.

    Caligirl: You know that is quite possible. OR
    Maybe You were Lincoln? :) (see frozen one's post)

    Arthur: a damsel in distress? Liza Minelli? ;)

    Bstndance: Oh wow. I think that would be a really fun job to have. Stressful at times, but fun. I take it you have no issues with flying.

    Twitch: A warrior. Out of curiosity you mention native blood and the word clan, do you then have native ancestry and if so is it ok if I ask what tribe?


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