past lives

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  • gwyneth

    gwyneth was a Polite Cook
    in a past life Seriously, though, my sister has gone all New Age on us, and she can communicate with her spirit guide. She did a "reading" for me, through my spirit guide (whom I cannot contact because I am "blocked." Imagine that.)
    Anyway, my sister says that two of my past lives include that of a Native Florida Indian, male, in 986 C.E. And then a young English girl in the late 1700's. I had someone approach me at a party once and ask if I felt I was living in the wrong time period. She thought I belonged in the 1940's.
    And why do I only get one font color choice--RED!?

  • IP_SEC

    I dont know if I believe in it or not. I think its a kinda cool concept I've thought a lot about. I've been working on an idea for a TV show in my spare time which follows a soul around it's lives throughout history and throughout the multiverse. More or less a Quantum Leap of reincarnation.

    Kurt errr um gwen you have to change to html mode and then change the colour in the code to which ever you want.

    The code looks something like this: <FONT color=#ff0000>want.</FONT> </DIV> Change the hex value #Number to the colour name like blue, green or whatevah.

  • serendipity
    Why are so many persons who recall past lives not anonymous identites? Why is it always famous historical figures?

    Well, Terry, what's more fun and interesting - being a colorful monarch or being a poor serf who dies in childbirth? It's no contest. If I'm going to imagine, might as well do it up big - Texas style.

  • aniron
    Why are so many persons who recall past lives not anonymous identites? Why is it always famous historical figures?

    My point as well.

    There are so many people going round claiming to have been Napoleon, Cleopatra, Julius Caesar etc. Did they take turns?

    I wonder if they thought they were someone in a past life. Did Napoleon think he was Julius Caesar? Did Caesar think he was Alexander the Great? Did Cleopatra think she was Nefretiti? and so on.

  • gwyneth

    Thanks, IP_SEC!!!

  • IP_SEC
    Why are so many persons who recall past lives not anonymous identites? Why is it always famous historical figures?

    This is a misconception. Most recalled lives are so called anonymous and not famous historical figures. Not sayin I believe in it. Just sayin the argument here is bollocks.

  • arrowstar

    I was one of the "wise" women in a small fishing village....a healer


  • frozen one
    frozen one

    I had a couple of dreams last night that may have been past life related. In the first one I was on a horse next to some guy with long blond hair. He wore a buckskin jacket. He must have been a military person because I called him General. Anyway, he asked what I thought and I said, "Them Injuns are going to run like skeerd bunnies when they sees us, General." Then the General said, "Then we will ATTACK!!" And we took off at full gallop toward an Indian camp next to a river. I woke up in a cold sweat.

    The next dream I had was set in New Jersey of all places. I was in the cockpit of what appeared to be a giant hydrogen filled blimp of some sort and I told the pilots, "Land this damn thing. I really need to take a dump!" A few seconds later I said to someone next to me, "Do you smell something burning?" Again I woke up in a cold sweat. Eerie.

  • dh

    for most of my life i've thought it more likely that we have past lives than that we don't, but i would say that if i've had them, i would just be me, but with a different set of experiences, not a famous person or anything like that.

  • Twitch

    I'm half Ojibwa, origins in the North Bay area of Ontario.
    It's fun to think that in me past life i would've been a protector of the tribe. i definitely feel that way sometimes,

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