adios LDH aka Lisa...

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  • just2sheep

    ...the one and only.

    on another thread lisa said her goodbyes and i just wanted her to know that despite the way it may appear she will be missed. come back soon.


  • wednesday

    Where is that thread? i don't see one she started.

  • just2sheep


    it is on the last page of the "goodbyes and swansongs" thread started by little toe. page 5571.


  • looking_glass

    So what exactly is going on here? Lisa is not the only long time JWD poster who is leaving because they do not like the tactic of a certain moderator. Although, I have not posted enough to have the averages of the long time posters (thus, upping my chances of getting a thread/post deleted or modified) it does not seem to me that there is a lot of "control" going on here. Anybody know what these dissidents are referring to?

  • Virgochik

    No, I don't have a clue, but a lot of my favorites are leaving, and I don't know exactly why!

  • ZazuWitts

    Oh, NO! Lisa has made such valuable contributions to this forum. Her intelligence and wit will be sorely missed. I for one, hope that she is just taking a well-deserved break. ((((LDH))))

  • LittleToe

    Everyone gets riled over moderation once in a while, it's human nature. No-one likes their judgement being called into question, either poster or mod, and ultimately it comes down to judgement calls on both sides at to what will be posted and what will be edited/deleted. By nature of it often being judgement calls, in a world that isn't black and white, there will be inconsistancies (whether regular or occasional is irrelevant). This is certain to be exacerbated if tensions rise on either/both sides, which is also natural. Why should a mod be any different than the rest of us? Do they somehow become paragons of virtue and impartiality? I've no doubt they try, but they are human as well, and have to deal with every little nuance of crap that's flying around here. I can't but suspect that there's plenty of it, and more behind the scenes than on the public stage!

    I'm as human as the next person, and don't like it, but it's a reality of life like Policemen, Traffic Wardens, and Senior Management at the place we work.

    I do wonder if we still tend to take an all-or-nothing approach to life, as exJWs (it's just a "wonder", so please don't jump down my throat for that comment). There's no reason why we can't post more volatile stuff on other boards, if we wish. This board has always taken a view that it's for newly exiting JWs, etc., so it's at least partly understandable that the moderation should be at the level it is. It's a fine balance, and I honestly wouldn't like to make such judgement calls on what will or wont be tolerated.

    Personally I don't have time to post elsewhere, and am all about taking the opportunity to help others (even with the occasional fluff topic) rather than personal freedom of speech. Perhaps that's why I've not been as riled as some. I can see their perspective, and empathise with their hurt, but am also aware that in the land of ones and zeros my thoughts and feelings are just barely one more footnote in the encyclopaedia of insanity...

    Just my 2p.

  • Dansk


    You're getting more and more sage-like as you get older.


  • nicolaou

    Sage? That's something you stuff a turkey with isn't it?

  • looking_glass

    Little Toe, I do agree that many ex JWs still carry w/ them the black and white mentality. But I guess I just question why leave now, would not they have been frustrated earlier and left. I know the guidelines have not changed, so are you saying that maybe there is a new moderator who is being a literalist and removing anything that is deemed contrary to the guideline rules? It is a shame especially to us knew ones because we were just getting to know the different people and now they are leaving and not because it is time to move on but because of moderator issues. Sad, sad, sad.

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