An elder just called me...just need some quick advice on how to handle it.

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  • undercover

    Since you've been missing at a few meetings, he might be using the situation of your up-coming talk as a way to do some recon work.

    He calls feigning interest in whether you're going to give your talk, but maybe curious to see if you open up about what's going on with your parents. He might even know that you've moved out, but is being sly.

    Or...since he has your cell number (how many elders have cell phone numbers of young single sisters?) maybe he's interested in something else??

  • blumandy

    it seems uve already made up ur mind,stating u plan to call him.. but heres a thought, a year from now, u wont want to call him, and u will of reached a point where u will egnore him/them, and u will of realised u should put urself and ur mind first.u wont worry too much about what"they" think anymore. heres to getting through the next year fast! or u could just go ahead and getd'f, and be done with them all together!just some thoughts!~mandy

  • LovesDubs

    The school overseer always used to call to make sure the students scheduled had their talks ready or HE would have to handle them or farm them out to the usual lot who are willing to do last minute talks. I used to be one of those. I had a friend whose husband was the school overseer and it was always the Dawn and Linda show every week because the friends were LAZY.

    You could be slightly honest with the guy. Tell him you cant do the talk because you are in the process of moving and to please remove your name from the school until further notice. Its none of his damn business why and last time I checked the SCHOOL was still on a voluntary basis. Even when I was not going for MONTHS the damn school overseer continued to schedule me for talks. Hellloooooo....they use it as a means for reining your ass back into the hall.

    Be VERY wary about any elders that call you. If you are not changing your cell, which I suggest you do, remember that often elders will have three way calls going so anything you say that may be incriminating will be heard by TWO WITNESSES and used against you. So if they call...let it go to voice mail and call them back if you are so moved to do so, on your own time. That way they cant set up the three way and trap you.

  • willyloman

    My advice on "telephone strategy" when doing the fade is similar to what you've heard here: Ignore all calls and chances are good they'll stopl

    Elders just hate it when you deem them insignificant to your life and most of them will not keep coming back for more.

  • minimus

    How many elders have your cell number?? Do you just give it out? If he didn't know about your dismal situation--- wouldn't he just call you at home? Call him and tell him that you're living with your worldly boyfriend, you left mom and dad, that they took your car and that THEY are guilty of not going to the elders to report you....Yeah, that's the ticket! Tell them you're angry with them for not helping you move. Yeah, that's it! And then tell them that you're not going back to ever ever ever give a talk unless they PROMISE to give you "G's" everytime! Make them promise!!

  • liquidsky

    You keep saying that you dont want to be df'd, yet your''re visiting an 'apostate' website, you move in with your boyfriend, and you gave the elders your cell phone number. I hate to break this to you but... YOU'RE GOING TO BE DF'D AND YOU ASKED FOR IT.

  • breeze

    A lot of good advice here ....don't rush to call him, unless you want grief.

    The less you interchange with them the better.

    Do nothing.....just get on with your life and ignore them all.


  • tan
    He doesn't seem to concerned at the moment. More worried about whether you are giving a talk on the school than your 'spirituallity' !

    I've had that happen lots of times. One time an elder wanted my field service time and I hadn't been to the meeting in months! Never once asked what was going on or how am I.

    You don't owe him an answer. Ignore him, eventually he won't even bother to call.

  • lola28

    Ummmmm, okay I know that this is going to make me sound like a total bitch but it's been bothering me so I'm just going to put it out there.

    Stilla a lot of the things you say just don't add up, example you said that you and your parents go to diffrent halls but your parents asked you to move out b/c they found out you had lied to them about going to book study, how would they know this if you go to a diffrent hall? You get away with so much, it's amazing to me that your behind has not been in front of a JC. I don't know why but I just don't believe in anything you have to say.


  • liquidsky

    Lola, glad someone finally said something. Ok now my turn to be a bitch...

    StillA, I get the feeling you're in dire need of attention or your just not very bright, or both.

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