An elder just called me...just need some quick advice on how to handle it.

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  • Finally-Free

    In the first post in this thread she says she's in the same hall as her parents, but attends a different book study.


  • lola28

    Okay in that post she makes it very clear that they go to the same hall but not to the same book study, in this thread she says they go to a diffrent cong....... see why it's getting really hard to believe anything she has to say?

    StillA, I get the feeling you're ;in dire need of attention ;or your just not very bright, or both.

    What she said.


  • stevenyc

    OK stilla,

    First off, you need to decide what you want in your life. Spend some time thinking about this and then write it down. Then, you need to see what needs to happen in order to facilitate this. Write these chain of events and requirements down also. Then, decide which of these event and requirements is feasible and which ones are not. You may need to compromise a little on your ultimate goals, but that all boils down to how much you really what those goals in your life.

    Then, act.

    I write this because I don't know what you want. And, I don't know what your willing to sacrifice or compromise in order to get what you want. That is your choice. If I new more then I could suggest something.


  • SixofNine
  • lisavegas420

    .........? Wellll....stilla, did you give the talk? Did you blow it off? Are you df'd? What's happenin? Just wonderin'. lisa

  • minimus

    I've been telling you about Stilla fpr a long time now. What she? says makes no sense. Actually these stories are ridiculous!

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