Limits on paper towel, tp usage at DA's. What next? Have fun w/suggestions

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  • Kenneson

    If they want to save paper the Watchtower Society should begin by eliminating all that literature it continously puts out.

  • blondie

    Maybe instead of TP they could hand out 2 pages from the 192-page books if you had to urinate and 2 pages from a magazine if you had a bigger job to do.

  • Wordly Andre
    Wordly Andre

    WHY waste TP when they give you tons of Awakes, and Watchtowers, just act like your doing your reading while pooping. My dad always said that was his library

  • juni
    Maybe instead of TP they could hand out 2 pages from the 192-page books if you had to urinate and 2 pages from a magazine if you had a bigger job to do. / says Blondie

    There you go!!!!! Sister Blondie has the problem solved. And remember the quality of the ink won't leave any smudging.


  • stealyourface

    You could tell the attendant handing out bumwipe 'thanks, but I've brought my own'as you hold up a mag.

  • mineralogist

    My wife just told me, she experienced handing out TP at other public restrooms and so it would be a common thing to do. No need to blame the JWs.

  • blondie

    That's fine if non-JW businesses, etc., hand out toilet paper. But what if you live in an area where that is not done, just at JW conventions? Now that is a stunning event. I don't know of any businesses around here that ration the toilet paper...

    Blondie (tore down that paper on the mirror too so I could comb my hair in private not out in public)

  • Rabbit

    My new never-been-a-dub wife had studied for a short while with JW's in the mid 70's. (It didn't take)

    Later, in the 80's, she and a girlfriend saw a newspaper article about a "large" JW convention in Dallas. I assume it was a DC. They were looking for a new church to go to and it sounded good.

    She went to the restroom and was greeted at the door by a Sister who gave her 2 - 3 squares of toilet paper.

    Confused, she said, "What's this for ?"

    Sister: "For the restroom."

    Wife: Well, what if I have to...(poop) ?"

    Sister: shrugged, "That's all we can give out."

    When she got back, she told her girlfriend about their stinginess. They left during the break -- never to return. They were used to churches being friendly and generous. She felt like she was being "controlled" and that left a bad taste in her mouth. Good for her ! She saw the warning signs that I overlooked.

    Btw, when I was a reg. pioneer & attendant at the assemblies, I was assigned to the 'covering of the mirrors' with black plastic bags. My then dub wife was upset when I told her what I'd done...UNTIL she found out the "orders came from above" that "the Sisters are wasting Jehovah's Spiritual Banquet by 'primping' in the restrooms". Then, she said, "Well, the Brothers do know best !"

    So, there's 2 people that the WTS's Toilet Paper Policy 'ran off'. Hoo-ray for the WT !


  • wednesday

    I must have been a very bad jws .I used to tear the paper off the mirrors if the need arose. I never had anyone dare to stop me. So I guess they may have thought I was crazy, but I don't care. I will go to the bathroom as need be and reapir my lipstick as I need to (using their mirror) and sit on the toliet as long as I have to. If people would do what Blondie did more often there would be less of this., Just say "no" and see how they react. They are really all just a bunch of power hungry self important janitors. and btw I park where I want to and eat where I want to, but that was in 96-97, have not been to a convention since. edited to add, once they did an experiment at a big convention. (90s") They wanted to see if everyone would obey the "slave" as tough it came from jehovah. If we were told to not get up or be silent, could we do that without questioning the org? Out of 6000 people, I was the only one up walking around (that i saw). scary bunch of zombie eyed people sitting very still. I was taken back watching it. I was a tad worried for a second jehovah might strike me down, but no i'm still here.

  • metatron

    Why do they hand out three sheets of toilet paper? Easy:

    One for up

    One for down

    One to polish


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