What is your town or area's claim to fame?

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  • Simon

    Irlam, Manchester.

    We had the first commercial airport in the UK (at Barton).

    We've been visited by kings and queens.

    We had the first hypermarket in the UK (or one of ... need to check).

    The steels works (long gone) was massive ... biggest in Europe or summat like.

    Manchester is the biggest student campus in Europe ("get a job").

    I live here - that puts it on the map for me .

  • JWdaughter

    We have the "Tacoma Aroma" and have the singular distinction of being probably the most prolific producer of serial killers/mass/spree murderers. Ted Bundy, Malvo/Muhammed, Green River, Joseph Duncan, WahMee massacre etc. I live in a town that is bordered by on high security(island) prison, a mental hospital (many criminally insane housed there), and two military bases (vast majority are good guys but the nuts have guns and know how to use them!).

    We also make Almond Roca. Which is really good. And we can go to the outlet store and get it cheap. Thats all I got.

  • DannyBloem

    Hi free2bme

    Where I live, people know this area for ...

    Crater Lake National Park

    That was really nice, I have been there once. It is really beautiful!

    about my place. well, most people come for the drugs and male window shopping (prositutes). Oh yeah, and we have rembrand, and windmills


  • LeslieV

    Jamestown NY = Population 35,000

    Lucy Ball

    10,000 maniacs

    Roger Tory Peterson

    Justice Robert Jackson - Nuremburg trials

  • serendipity

    JW daughter,

    You're not going to claim the incomparable Dale Chihuly?


  • Moomin

    Comedian Lee Evans

  • katiekitten

    The town where I grew up is famous for the Batley Variety Club which used to have all the big cabaret names. Its now a pretty seedy naff nightclub.


    Now Batley if famous for having the Fox's Biscuits factory. If you live in Batley your highest aspiration is to get a job packing biscuits and become a Fox's Fairy!


    The town I live in now is famous for the mass murderer Fred West, who used to go out with his wife cruising for girls, offer them help, take them home to his house, him and his wife rape them then murder them. Got found out after a local police woman listened to some gossip regarding the dissapearance of one of West's daughters. Found loads of bodies under the patio and in various fields, including his own daughter.

    Cromwell Street, where they lived, is about 2 miles from my house.


  • TopHat

    Sleepy Hollow: Our claim to fame is Washington Irving, who wrote the famous story of "The legend of Sleepy Hollow". Many people come to visit and tour the grave yard of the rich and famous, like the Rockefeller's and so on. I will atempt to post a photo of one tomb that caught my interest. I don't know much about it...I have to go back and take down all information of who is buried in this tomb.


  • kwintestal

    It takes me 10 mins to walk to Niagara Falls, I can hear them from my house.

  • Quandry


    Thanks for your post.

    I had relatives in Kansas so we visited there when I was a kid. I always enjoyed the old west towns and staged gun fights.

    A side note-you mentioned Dwight Eisenhour. Did you know that his mother was a life long Witness and that he was raised as one? I did some research into his life on the web. It was quite interesting. He saw it for what it was young in life.

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