Ballistic Does America

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  • Matty

    Great to hear from you Brian! You have our number - right?

  • BrendaCloutier

    Hey Ballz! Glad you're having a great time. Whaddaya mean driving on the wrong side of the road? The rest of the world drives on the RIGHT-hand side of the road - it's only GB and Japan that drives on the left.... I'm sorry you're not coming up to the NW. So good meeting you at the barbie. Have a blast!

  • Matty
    it's only GB and Japan that drives on the left

    Actually, scores of countries drive on the left, including India and Australia! In fact the first civilization that invented roads as we know them (the Romans) commanded their troops and chariots to be on the left side of the road, not the right!

  • Van Gogh
    Van Gogh

    Hi balz bri,
    You sure come a long way in the great US of A since barby WSM...
    Driving toward limitless horizons...
    Great feeling someone's missing you back in Britain...

  • ballistic

    I'm finally in Dallas guys and gals! Sure did work up a sweat hiking from the airport, I guess you do really need cars around here!!! hehe. Pictures to follow. Sorry only short messages on here but often there's a queue to use the internet in hotel lobbies. Best regards everyone.

  • ballistic

    Updated now with some pics from the apostfest in Dallas... and yep Matty, I've got your number and I'm coming over after Vegas and the Grand Canyon!!! count on it!! ;)

  • chachasmum

    Ballistic if you get a chance go and visit the adirondacks it is so beautiful up there and it is not far from the falls.

  • Matty

    Ballistic is now in San Diego! Me and Spice Met up with Ballistic last night - it was great seeing him again - it's actually been over three years since I last met up with him in person - doesn't time fly by!!

  • katiekitten

    Ballistic we could have met up, I was in Miami when you were in Key West. Nevermind. I'll have to come to Cornwall or Devon or where ever it is you hide out.

    Hope you're having (or have had) a great trip.

    I was going to start a thread called "things I LOVE about America", but I think I will tack it on here instead. So things I love about America are:

    1) everything is SO CHEAP - food, clothes, gas, makeup.

    2) food portions in restaurants are like DOUBLE those in England

    2a) and the salads are FANTASTIC!

    3) The roads are so WIDE and parking spaces are so huge and conventiently set at an angle, you'd have to be an idiot to have an accident

    4) I feel so slim here cos so many people (where I am) are overweight. Mega good for the ego

    5) I had to call 911 cos my dads mother in law took a fall, and 4 paramedics were here in about 3 minutes flat, and they were REALLY nice and kind

  • Rabbit

    Hey Ballistic !

    I just saw this thread. duh ! Anyway, it was great meeting you in Dallas. I'll have to go check the pics out when I get back home. You are a really nice & personable guy. Maybe we'll get to England someday to see you again and meet the English troops.

    Thanks for coming,

    The Rabbits

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