Ballistic Does America

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  • juni

    Heh Brian!

    Happy to hear you got home safely. I'll be looking forward to reading your posts and viewing any pictures you want to post. I'm glad that you had a wonderful time, but it's always good to get back home, isn't it?

    I thought that Edison was the inventor of the first working lightbulb???? First time I've used this icon!



  • Matty

    Two Canadians - Mathew Evans and Henry Woodward developed and patented the first incandescent light bulb. Edison was an absolute genius, but quite a few inventions that are credited to him were not his idea at all.

  • ballistic

    Finally back home after the most amazing trip, complete with new avatar courtesy of Travis and the apostates of Dallas. I have been back in England a little while but was up North, I've only now just emptied my suitcases and started sorting my luggage, souveniers, gifts, maps, laundry and parking fines from Los Angeles. ;)

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