Maybe fluff, but not really, HOW BIG WAS YOUR POWER BILL THIS MONTH?

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  • Jourles

    Ahhh, good ol' Michigan weather. I think our electric was around $60 and gas was up to around $30(1500sqft). We open the windows at night and shut everything up during the day(the cool night temps helps keep it down). The therm gets put at 77 during the day, but I don't think it runs very much if at all. I think the forecast is showing we *might* hit 90 this weekend. During the colder winter months, we spend roughly $140 for everything.

  • Jim_TX

    Well... off the top of my head... I think my bill this past month was hovering in the 90-dollar range.

    This is for about a 1200 sq ft mobile home that has R-11 insulation in the walls & R-19 insulation in the ceiling.

    I tend to set the thermostat at 80-degrees in the daytime whilst I am away at work, 78-degrees when I get home & 76-degrees at night when I go to bed.

    The A/C is the biggest electricity hog... with the electric water heater coming in second place.

    The bill has been lower... but it has also been higher.


    Jim TX

  • whyamihere

    After reading a few example bill statements, I wished I had some of your bills.

    Summer is usually around the $250.00-300.00/monthly with some A/C on.(74-76 degrees)

    Winter can get up to 400.00-450.00/monthly. (70-71 degrees)

    My house is a little over 2000 sq ft. That's not counting the finished basement adding a little over 1000 sq ft.


  • HadEnuf

    1200 sq. ft. I think it was about $120...we run the central air off and on depending upon my hot flashes.

  • purplesofa

    $174.00 for about 1,400 sq feet..........

    I run central air and a window unit ...........there are nine ceiling fans in three rooms......

    I like it cold and the air moving.........Just ask DanTheMan........LOL....he had icecicles hanging off of him.

    or any one else that comes over.


  • Cabin in the woods
    Cabin in the woods

    $123.53 our home is about 1200 square feet on the finished level

    $9.00 unfinished apartment downstairs.

    Much higher than last year if memory serves me correctly.


  • MinisterAmos
    It cost $200 AU.

    That's like $3.00 in REAL money right?

    Paid $160 for a typical modern 4/3 with inground pool about 3,200 sq ft

    My power Co burns COAL!

  • Makena1

    1500 sq ft home in Hawaii - everything is electric - A/C (we keep the thermostat around 79 during the day and turn it off in the early evening), water heater, stove etc. Natural gas, propane is not available for homeowners. Power bill is $450 - $550 per month. OUCH! Fortunately, insurance, property taxes, and food (if you know where to shop) are very reasonable. I have plans to get a solar unit for heating water soon. That may knock $75 off the bill per month. Maui has installed several wind generators that in time should supply 25-35% of the island's power. Wonder if they will pass along those savings??????????

  • wednesday

    $225 for 1400 sq ft. have TV (on approx 8 hours day) , 2 computer (one 24/7) central ac (fairly new) new air tight thermal windows, fridge, small electrical appliances including fans. Keep temp at 78-80 and turn off in am (while house is cool) and keep off until it is really hot. Also have one room completely shut off. I too run around shutting off lights, keeping the tv off and keeping the ac at 80 as long as I can stand it.

    TXU called me to see if I wanted to switch to the peak and off usage time plan. But after the woman explained it, it came out to this -I now pay 15C for each kilowat used , on the peak program i'd pay 29 for peak and 15 for off. usage . I said, so where is my savings? She agreed there was none. Also, I'm home, so i have to keep ac going. can't shut it off all day .. Plus I have 2 sweet cats that would burn up in here without ac. My sweet kitttes take a shower with my hubby sometimes everyday. It is hilarious..

    I have been told that the only thing that really helps is insulation in the attic.

    My gas varries. but from may-October ,while tha AC is running, it is pretty low, about 20-25 . During the few cold months, it can get to around 200 itself .well that was last year. we will see how much it will cost this next january.

    anyone got any suggestions?

    also our water bill is terriible here, 78 last month. we have to water the foundation and keep trees , shrubs alive.

  • caligirl

    I've been afraid to look, but for the sake of this thread, I'll log in and look at it right now....

    $230 for 2000 sq ft. for June. (up $100 from May) We ran the air a lot more than normal last month, and this month we have run it even more because it has been beastly hot & humid for this area. I normally don't turn it on until later in the afternoon, and I have been having it on by 9 in the morning. Usually it doesn't get this warm until September. Guess we are in for a few months of big electric bills.

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