OMG im addicted to E-Bay

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  • Es

    Yeah def virgochick, im bidding on some aftershave at the moment for a bday pres, its so cheap,

    Im prob going to get the rest of the chrissy pres i need aswell of there

    so much fun


  • bebu

    Just remember to check the shipping charges before you bid... and the seller's feedback too.

    I've won things large and small from ebay. Almost all great experiences!

    ... I'll share with you my little secret:


  • bikerchic

    Oh eBay...! I have been resisting it for years, literally years.....I have such an addictive personality and I could tell from first browsing of eBay I was hooked! I finally took the plunge a few months ago and made my first purchase off eBay. I actually located something I thought I would never find due to my daughters prodding (she's an eBay junkie). Anyways I located two pillow shams to match the bedspreads I got on clearance at Target, I really thought I would never find the matching shams but it was so easy, so fast and well not so cheap! I think I paid more for each sham than I did for both bedspreads! But heck they match!

    Sooo today I finalized my eBay and PayPal sign up accounts and on the 20th I take a class at our local college called "catch the eBay wave". I'm such a nerd, or maybe a retard but I really need to be shown how to do the business end of it. I plan to do some selling and getting rid of some stuff around here that I don't need or want any longer. I can't wait to get started!

    LOL I've been browsing eBay all day, I can't believe the stuff you can find there, oh... and I made another purchase, this time I got a real steal! Yay!

  • misspeaches

    Believe it or not, I'm getting my wedding dress off ebay!

  • Virgochik

    Yes, got to watch those shipping prices, that's where they make money, if the item sells low, they can jack up the shipping to make a bit of profit there. Oh, well, the sellers are just trying to make a living too!

  • Es

    Wow thanks for the great tip Bebu thats awesome


  • sass_my_frass

    Hi love:


    It takes the 'bidder frenzy' out of your buying, it acts for you as if you're bidding at the last second - you put in the max of what you'd pay for the thing, and at the last second it does the bidding for you. You don't get caught up in the last-minute frenzy and pay too much for junk (I've bought a lot of ebay junk) and like regular bidding you don't pay the full amount you bid unless that's just a tiny bit over what the other person bids.

  • Es

    oh wow bikerchic that sounds great.

    Misspeaches-thats cool you buying new or used???? Its all bout saving money hey thats what i love bout it

    thanks sass def looking into that


  • fullofdoubtnow

    I had never been on E-Bay till I moved in with dedpoet, but I am on it 2 or 3 times a week now, (so perhaps not quite an addict yet)! It's the first place I look if I want to buy something, and there are some really great bargains on there.

  • RachelHall

    Parakeet? I have household Items that are bulky and wondered how does one ship these Items to the winning bib. Items like antigue dressers and mirrors. OR can you make your sell to locals only who come and pick the Item up?

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