In the spirit of match-making, who do you have a crush on?

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  • Sirona

    Yep, I'm really looking forward to it. Should be a great day.

    Just got to get up really early to drive down, and I'm NOT a morning person! It'll be great to see you again, I hope we can talk more than we did last year.

    I'm going to check the weather forecast....I have planned to wear summer clothes and come rain hail or shine I'll wear them!!!!


  • Crumpet

    Me too - I'll just shove that horrid cordelia girl out the way this time to get to you! hehe! only kidding cords!

    I'm wearing summer clothes too - regardless of weather - I dont tend to feel the cold with my extra natural padding and a drink inside me and if it rains - all the better as it will conceal all the times I miss my mouth when taking a drink because I'm too busy yapping to pay attention!

    Have a safe drive down - I'll be setting off myself about 9ish as it takes up to two hours to get to Paddington from my village - seems odd that I have to travekl so far north only to come back south west! If only I was a crow! Then I shall drag my luggage to the bnb, thank my lucky stars or curse me evil stars if it turns out to be like the one on telly last night, make a quick costume change and tootle on down via the offie and the adult shop (if its open this time!)

    can't wait! and it'll be my first time to meet DiamondBlue too after so many long chats!

  • Joe Grundy
    Joe Grundy

    Hi Crumpet

    No, I don't have a worldly brother on here. And I don't have any spiritual brothers anywhere, afaik.

    I've made a few friends here and there, though.

  • tijkmo

    you know how sometimes you can be speaking to someone on the phone and you build up a mental picture of them based on how great their voice sounds...

    and then you meet and its a bit of a let down

    or you see someone or even get to know them pretty well thru email etc but then they open their mouth (to talk) and its like....disappointed

    well i just spoke with misanthropic and i have to say.........disappointed


    she sounds every bit as good as she looks...thanx for phoning

    and i had my guitar there but since you were calling me i decided to leave playing till i phone you..(my songs are quite long)

    and my accent is slightly scottish...its just that im not...its a hybrid accent of english welsh scottish which is quite difficult to place...but quite nice to listen to...(so i have been told)

  • Robdar

    Wow, I just had the best conversation. Thanks MsMcD

  • arrowstar


    Contact has been made! What a delightful conversation I just had today.

    How fun!


  • Crumpet

    hey luscious how r u?((((arrowstar))))

    new crush alert - brooke's monkey-brother

  • arrowstar


    oh how I've missed you....((Crupmet)) How are ya, darlin'?

  • stillajwexelder

    I just had a great telephone conversation with Robdar

  • Jourles

    **Waves at Arrowstar** and ponders, "Should I get World of Warcraft??"

    That cracked me up!

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