Early menopause

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  • vitty

    Oh........my..........god........I have just had the most ridiculous conversation with my husband

    Me after reading this post suddenly felt very old thinking that 48 was old for menopause, asked my hubby "how old am I" he replied "I dunno, how old am I".........ME "I dont know, im asking you how old i am"......................HIM "what year is it".................ME "2006, ...I think, or is it 07..................no its definitely 06"................Him........"well im 45, you must be 44".................ME............" I though I was 45 and 46 this year,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,whoopy..........im a year younger than i thought I was.

    Im so happy........then I remember the post and think .......bloody hell a couple of years and I could be in menopause

    Now it doesnt matter that Ive got 2 grown kids and would never want any more but.....................it happened all too quick..........I dont want to not be able to have children, even if i dont want them.......im still young. This is a very strange feeling, and I dont like it , im not ready for this, I feel depressed just thinking about it.

  • Snoozy

    OMG..my daughter is 46 this year!

    Where does time go..

    Anyway..I too had my uterus out at 29..Yep. I'm 63 now..

    They left my ovaries so I really didn't know when I went through Menopause..

    I do remember waking up sweating and having to take a shower for a while..but that's it.

    No drugs..

    The Dr told me about 2 years ago that she would recommend it (Hormones) because it helps your skin..vaginal dryness..hair..in other words it was a cure all pill..

    I too had doubts because of the cancer scare..so I never did take them.

    My other daughter had a hysterectomy (everything) last year and took hormones for a while..but didn't feel like she needed them so she quit. She said she doesn't need them but her mood swings are something you don't want to be around!!!!

    I would just read up on it and make the best decision you can for you.

    Don't forget..high blood pressure can make you have hot flashes also..as can thyroid problems.


  • wednesday

    One other thing to remember , vaginal tissue and the vaginal and bladder structures need estrogen for support and proper blood flow. If they don't get it, often they get raw and sore and you end up with yeast infections a lot, and intercourse is painful and sometimes you can bleed"spot" after sex. The baldder can 'drop -so can the vaginal canal,(yes it can i swear) and the uterus if still in place. It can end up being a terrible mess, with it all trying to fall out of you. There are of course surgeries to fix most all of this, but after having the surgery(s), if you do not at least use vaginal estrogen, it can effect the tissue health and strength. So in a nut shell, you can be 48 but have the vagina of a 80 yr old woman. (that is how the doc explained it to me-woman doc not man)

    no more convincing-I use vagifem. 25mcgof estradial. use it 3 x week.

  • Robdar

    I had surgical menopause back in 2002. The doctor took everything but my cervix during the hysterectomy (bikini cut--ouch!) . According to my hormonal tests at the time, I was not menopausal and my ob-gyn put me on Prempro, which is a combination of progesteron/estrogen, after the surgery. I liked it very much.

    After my divorce, I had to change doctors and it became difficult to get any sort of HRT. I've finally found a doctor that will let me have low doses of estrogen only-- if I have a pap smear every 6 months. I'm taking Premarin. While it's fine, I wish I could get back on the previous combination because I felt much better. I am also drinking soy milk. The soy tablets did not work for me so the doc suggested soy milk and it does work. I don't have night sweats or anything like that but sometimes I am low on energy and depressed.

    I smoke and I would still rather take my chances with stronger HRT. I just felt better when I had the proper comination of hormones. If you are 46, you are still a young woman. Do you really want to start feeling tired and older?

    I wish you success. Can you believe how fast the time passed?

  • vitty

    wednesday.......you are such a comfort

    You mean Im going to have a dried up fanny (tuppence) aswell.......s....t................why do women have all the crap

    I mean, after kids the tummy goes awol, the boobs are no more, you pee your pants with every sneeze. Why, why , why-.............it aint fair !

    Growing old gracefully....not

  • Snoozy

    The mood swings ....

    Gotta love em...


  • wednesday

    I'm afraid so Vinny, I know it is not fair, we have the babies, then everything heads south, your skin wrinkles and if you don't use something, your insides dry up and shrink and you have UTI and yeast infections and pee on yourself . You do not have to be old for this to happen you just have to have no hormones that your body would normally have at your age. if you are 80 and this happens maybe you are not as concerned(, but frankly I see myself in better shape at 80 than that. )

    Diet (stop grain and sugar),exercise, stop smoking, mild to . moderte use of wine if at all, try soy and herbs but i would not play around with mother nature on the inside. She can strike back with a vengence.

  • damselfly

    <<"The premature maneopuse book" kathryn Petras -good read and better than the above one.>>

    Mrs.McD ~ I have this book, pm me your email if you want it and I'll send it to you.


  • serendipity

    Be careful with the soy and red clover. They contain isoflavones (sp?) that can depress thyroid activity.

  • anewme

    Well, if you are 46-47 I think your menopause could be on time.
    Though I read that the average age for menopause was 50-52.
    Im sure a persons overall health and nutrition affect the onset.
    I am 52 on July 2 and am just now starting to miss a few periods.
    I go a few months without one and then I'll have it two months in a row.
    Very gentle. No other symptoms that I can tell accept fatigue.

    I think there is nothing to fear about this time of life.
    The body is very knowing and does its thing.

    Consult with another doctor about this if you feel unsure.
    HRT for a few years will probably do no harm to you and may restore your energy.
    Eventually every woman must face the menopause though. No one should stay on HRT forever.
    It was suggested to get your thyroid checked.
    Of course blood sugar and diabetes needs to be addressed.
    Your weight may need to come down.
    I remember a "sister" once swore by some energy enhancing substances she found at the health food store.
    Another one told me she and her husband were going through a lot of KY lube because sexual intercourse was painful for her during her menopause. (The things you learn in the car group in service!)

    Have you tried to force yourself to exercise? I know I know.....its the last thing you think you need....but its been proven that exercise, even a little, can give you energy and enthusiasm.
    It can have amazing results.

    We all go through this. You are not alone. Dont be afraid of what is natural.

    Best wishes,

    Natural Woman

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