Name the good things that Jw's have or believe....

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  • AK - Jeff
    AK - Jeff

    In my own case -

    Morals! I have been married for 31 years to a wonderful wife. I doubt without the Jw influence [not to mention that we would not have ever met] I would have had that on my life resume. I don't steal or lie intentionally.

    Family Values. I love my family and do all I can to encourage them to live proper and good lifestyles that will benefit them in life.

    I share GD's basic view in regard the Trinity - I am still sorting that out having been indoctrinated with crooked words for so long - but I think they have that right doctrinally. Though I now feel that one's view in that regard is prob not as important in God's eyes as I once thought.

    The TMS is a wonderful tool to reduce stress in public speaking - I became a polished speaker and gave hundreds of talks. No shyness here - that is partly due to the TMS I think.

    Materialism - I learned not to love material things. My view is practical due to that influence, and not excessive.


  • vitty

    We had a great social life, we were one of those families you hate. We had 2 good kids, I pionneered, hubby was a servant soon to be made an elder. we went on holiday with the PO. had the Co round for dinner, had parts on the convention and assemblies.

    Oh sorry you mean spirtual you got me

  • Robdar

    I learned how to be unafraid when speaking in which led to an interesting career path. I also learned how to be unafraid when surrounded by opposing opinions. I don't know if those things compensate for what the JWs took from me: Difficulties in accepting the realities of life.

  • Snoozy

    Well it taught us to be prepared to discuss the JW religion..little did they know it would backfire against them..

    I just read a post by German XJW and how he presented his info to a JW at a booth in a mall. He was 'Prepared"..

    Makes a body 'Proud"...

    Snoozy Q...

  • MsMcDucket

    AK-Jeff, just about any religion will teach you good morals. A good college will teach you public speaking skills (if you're not the panicky type, like me). I wasn't born into the dubs. My mother raised me in a Pentacostal religion. I can't give the credit for being "moral" to the witnesses. I learned about the bible at an early age. I knew that the bible begin with Genesis and ended with Revelations. I didn't know all the books between. But, I did know that Obadiah, Ezekiel, Moses, Jedediah, Joshua, Mark, Luke, Matthew, James, Timothy and names like that were biblical in nature.

    My mom's religion believed in the Trinity. Now, I don't know if I believe in the bible at all? Kind of weird. How can you believe in anything about the bible or discuss bible beliefs i.e. Trinity or no Trinity, Mary the Mother of God, Adam and Eve, hell, etc... if you don't believe in it anymore?

    What did I say?

  • evergreen

    I share greendawns view on the Trinity doctrine

    Agree with the societies view about being politically neutral

    Agree that our father in Heaven will intervene and bring an end to the Corruption in the earth by men.

    At the end of the day they do have a lot of truths i feel comfortable with, but along with these truths are alot of false man made teachings and policies by the borg which unfortunately outweigh the truths.

  • Dansk
  • PaulMarshall

    Hi Jeff.

    I read your thoughts and agree that blowtorhcing ones experiinced within the truh is negative and would be the first to say I have many postive attributes due to my childhood and teens within the truth.

    Paul - London

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