Name the good things that Jw's have or believe....

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  • parakeet

    Hi Jeff,
    I started a thread almost identical to yours a month or two ago. I was hoping that JW lurkers or new exJWs would find some comfort in seeing that their time as a JW was not completely without some redeeming merit.
    I got the same meager responses that you're now getting. I concluded that being a JW is a nearly entirely negative experience and that the best thing for those who are leaving is to get the experience as far behind them as quickly as possible.

  • hallelujah

    The WTBTS and the Jehovah's Witness congregations, have many intelligent people in the organisation who collectively have applied their minds to many social problems and arrived at what they consider to be the best solution.

    The problem is the manner in which such decisions are reached, and the way in which they are taught as innerant truth.

  • stillajwexelder

    The Theocratic Ministry School

  • QueenBee

    No fiery hell Also--and I don't know that I can attribute this to the WTBTS--but I have hung onto to the idea of the "golden rule" and I have to say that I am a very moral person, by reasonable standards. All of that may have been from my parents, but I am willing to concede that maybe going to meetings, etc. had a hand in a bit of that. Oh, also--learning how to sit through boring-ass meetings helped me later with school and work. Bee

  • spawn2u

    How to adapt. They kept putting my mom back together with an abusive, sick man, so we moved a lot. Because we moved so much, I was able to jump into a school, catch up and surpass the other students right before my next move. Today, I am a system analyst, I am able to adapt and learn new things fairly easy.

  • Reefton Jack
    Reefton Jack

    The only benefit that I took away from my time with the dubs came from the Ministry School. Thanks to the TMS, I overcame my shyness and - although I say this myself - I became a passable enough speaker.

    That skill, at least, has come in handy - like a year ago, when I had to face down a mob of angry striking workers.

    Mind you, I will be the first to admit that it proved to be a very expensive course in public speaking!


  • carla

    Being delusional they do not let pesky things like destroyed relationships bother them. Having their capacity to love in normal ways destroyed allows their brains to protectively rationalize therefore they do not go completely insane by the damage and hurt they inflict upon others.

  • Ironhead

    Not going to wars is a big one. Non violence? I have to say yes on that one. The amount of times I've wanted to punch someone on the nose for being rude and obnoxious, and I turned the other cheek was amazing. Before becoming a witness I would've done that very thing, but my wife knowing my past keeps quoting the scripture in psalm 11:5 " anyone loving violence His soul certainly hates". The ministry school has come in useful at work on many occasions.

  • blondie

    I left knowing that some of the things JWs had were good....but poisoned by the bad things they knowingly practiced.

    As a brother(s) often said, holding up a glass of water, how much poison could be in the water before they would not drink it.


  • jstalin

    I think their lack of interest in politics is a good thing. The world would be better off with less politics.

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