Name the good things that Jw's have or believe....

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  • Justice-One

    Against wars?.... I'm not so sure. Would we all be better off under Hitler?

  • LittleToe

    TMS - that's about it.

    I was fortunate in that I was coached by a few good TMSOs, and then became one myself. I would singularly put that down as being one of the reasons so many (albeit not all) JWs and exJWs are reasonable public speakers. Gotta give Knorr credit for something, huh, even if he didn't originally want to extend any of it to the womenfolk?

  • Warlock

    I didn't know jack about the Bible and they taught me about it. I didn't know God's name. I got off drugs, quit smoking, and,of course, the TMS. They taught me about being a responsible husband and father. There is more, but that should do.

    Warlock (not ungrateful)

  • under_believer

    Whether or not individual Witnesses are free from racism in a practical sense, the ideal they preach of united cultures and races and colorblindness was very critical to my early development. I'm thankful for it.
    Certainly, pacifism is an ideal I'm attracted to.
    Debunking Hell is also good, though Witnesses have just as strong a carrot-and-stick mentality as your fire and brimstone revivalist, possibly even worse since they create a present Hell through disfellowshipping.
    Other than that, many of the things that are bullet points on their powerpoint marketing presentation are really negatives for me. Unity? Bad. Dependent thinking? Bad. "Cleanliness?" Bad. Organization? Bad.

  • greendawn

    Being an anti trinitarian I agree with them on that (though they did not originate it) up to a point, I believe the Son had a beginning and the Father caused that beginning and that the Son is subordinate and always will be.

    However the son shares in the Divine nature and is Lord over the world and has a top level status the JWs refuse to aknowledge.

  • matey

    I am a better public speaker, and i do know a bit more about the bible then the average person my age, that i like. and now i want to continue learning about the history of the bible and religion in general, so i guess a good thing about the org. is that it peaked my intrest in learning.

  • lv4fer

    They teach good morals. It also teaches you reading skills.

  • moomanchu

    Ignorance is bliss

    Seeing my parents and other older ones who live their lives out never having a thought about dieing except for maybe their last couple of years.

  • Good Girl or Bad Girl?
    Good Girl or Bad Girl?

    I really do appreciate that I know the Bible so well (well I know the NWT, but most people my age can't even recognize Bible books if they were handed a list of them).

    Also, this might sound trite, and I don't intend it to, but what doesn't kill us makes us stronger. I know I'm a much better person for having to overcome obstacles and ordeals in my life. People who go through life without a single care in the world (I really have no idea if those people truly exist but it seems like they do) tend to not have empathy for others.


  • Tez

    I have a wonderful family who I feel had a good balanced upbringing, partly due to the morals adopted when we became JW's, before that I was floundering with all the advice the world gives to would be parents. My knowledge of the bible exceeds that of most people I know in the world, albeit that some of that knowledge is not accurate I now have more understanding of what God wants of people. My fear of people went totally, I surprise my partner now in that I will happily talk to strangers, something he is very wary of. Although 3 of my children left they do not resent me for the uprbringing they had and I Iove them for that after reading some of the bitter experiences some have had. My 4th child is a very active JW at the moment. I hope in time he will see the 'real' truth, but in the meantime I cannot knock him for trying to do what it right, after all it is what I taught him for years and once upon a time I would have wanted him to be a pionneer. Its what he is doing and I know it is not an easy option at 18 years of age and he will run into difficulties eventually (didn't we all) but I wait patiently in the hope that one day I will be able to have a good relationship with him. Since leaving I have more appreciation in the Lord Jesus, having always felt his contribution to our existence was undervalued. I always hoped there would be a positive hope for this world and loved the idea of a paradise earth in the future, suppose its a hope I hang on to whether I will be there or not. Unlike some I could never visualise myself being bored in such a paradise, creation fascinates me and there is so much I wish I had time to learn. So all in all my time as a JW has never been resented and I wish more felt the same and it saddens me to hear some of the trauma JWism has caused so many folk on here. I pray that they will be able to move on and receive peace.

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