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  • sf

    I was doing some web surfing and catching up on my reading and came upon a post I hope may help some lurkers and seekers understand better what they are getting themselves into or may have already gotten into, by studying the bible with jws.

    I surely hope it is not going against any rule to copy/paste this. I will not include anything but the text. I will say though that it is from a longstanding exjw support board that can be found here:

    Here is what I 'cut' from one of the posts. It is, in my opinion, highly educational:

    JWs may not fit the entire description of what some describe as a cult but they most definitely are a high mind control group.

    The way that they accomplish this mind control is by doing exactly what is being done to you. Here are their steps toward acquiring total submission from you. Please bear in mind that most JWs do not even recognize this development as total mind control.

    1. The Search. Contact through work, neighbors or door to door preaching. They actually seek and search out those who are searching or down on their luck because those are the most vulnerable and pliable.

    2. The Hook. They discuss world issues and how there is no love or peace anywhere. This makes you feel HOPELESS. Then they add to it that God will destroy the "wicked" or non-believers. This makes you feel SCARED and a sense of PANIC. Then they offer to teach you how to save yourself. This makes you so HAPPY. You have found someone who can help you continue to live!!! Thus, someone who is in a searching mode has just been made to feel even more helpless and fearful and that transition causes one to CLING even closer to the JW, almost as a personal savior. You are now hooked.

    3. Studying. JWs will take many scriptures and fan through the book with great ease. This IMPRESSES you. You instantly say to yourself "wow! they must know what they are talking about". Most of the topics at the start will be simple subjects that are based on common sense and thereby the explanations will ring true with you. This makes you think that they have the "truth". They have now laid the foundation of TRUST. Now that you trust them they will have you take the next step to the meetings.

    4. Meetings. Most meetings are a question and answer meeting. These are based on JW literature only!! (As a side note, please keep in mind that at this point you TRUST them. You do NOT question the literature. You do NOT do your own research. You will not see that much of their literature contains errors in historical dates and events, misquotes from doctors, misrepresentation of science, and the list goes on). Back to the meetings: The literature is read, and questions are asked. The questions are answered by the audience (or in the smaller bookstudies, by someone in the group). The same information is studied OVER AND OVER again. You get to the point where you know the answers before anyone says them. BOREDOM sets in. This is where the DANGER occurs. When the mind becomes bored, it becomes numb. Things you would have normally questioned, are NO LONGER questioned. You ACCEPT everything that is said. It is phrased in such a way to make you think that you are the one reasoning on the scriptures when in fact you have learned everything by rote, memorization, and repetition, all key elements of mind control (or as some term it: brainwashing.)

    5. Door to Door. You will be invited into the ministry work. It will go two ways. If someone slams the door in your face and is rude to you, you will be told THAT is what Jehovah wants. To be persecuted is a SIGN that this the true religion. But wait! If someone listens to you, you will be told THAT is what Jehovah wants. To gain people in the fold is a SIGN that this is the true religion. You will be told that the numbers are growing and THAT is a sign that this is the true religion, YET, you will also be told that the love of the greater number is cooling off and many are leaving, and THAT is a sign that this is the true religion. They TWIST everything to suit their message and to back up that they are the true religion.

    6. Baptism. This is the biggie. This is where everything changes. Where you were given tolerance before for the way you dress and the music you listen to and the movies you watch and the friends you choose, after baptism you will be "admonished" on these things. You will be told that a "true christian" behaves in this way <insert acceptable conduct here> You will no longer have any say in what you do. Just as members are watching and scolding you, you are also encouraged to report on your fellow JW if you notice his/her conduct is not in strict compliance with the JW rules. While this is done under the guise of "keeping the congregation clean" it is really to keep dissention to a minimum. Guilt and Shame are the main motivators at this point. You will be made to feel like you can never do enough. Many sink into depression but they will never show it because it is drilled into them that they are a "happy" people. You learn to DENY your true feelings and FAKE your moods to PROOVE that you are happy. Anything else would make you APPEAR as though you don't have God's spirit and would subject you to their JUDGMENT.

    7. The door closes to research. After you are baptized, you will not be permitted to read any other literature from any other churches or organizations. If you do, you will be disciplined and possibly disfellowshipped. This keeps your mind CLOSED. The only direction you are receiving is from the Watchtower Society. Please keep in mind that you will also be discouraged from reading older issues of the Watchtower. Why? Because they have continually changed their doctrines. The older magazines show you that this organization is not from God, that it reflects the social climate of the times. (A few of my favorites are the articles that, due to racial prejudices that existed in the late 1800s the WT taught that only white people would make it to through Armageddon. It said that darker skinned people would BECOME white. does that sound like something that GOD would direct? There is also another article that claimed that electrical inventions such as the vacuum cleaner were signs that the end was near. ) There were many prophesies that the WT made that did not come true. Yet they ignore the scripture in Deut. that says "if a prophet comes to you in my name and the prophesies do not come true, that prophet is false." They justify all of their WRONG teaching by saying that they are always getting "new light" and that God teaches us things in phases. There are EXCUSES for every wrong teaching they have ever made. You would have to ask yourself, does God direct an organization that needs excuses? As a side note here, JWs MAGNIFY the erroneous teachings of other religions (to make it appear as though they have the truth) and will apply the Deut. scripture to those religions.

    8. The door closes to the truth about the workings within the organization. After you are baptized you will not be permitted to talk with former JWs. You will never know pedophilia and rape are not reported to the authorities but taken care of through “counseling” from the elders. Many are repeat offenders with multiple victims! Husband’s abusing their headship role over their wives, many times in a physical and violent manner. Parents taking their kids away from their non-believing parent never to see them again. Families are totally destroyed by believer vs. non-believer. …..There are just too many to list here. Most witnesses will “poo poo” the behavior of other members once again making EXCUSES saying “Well he/she wasn’t TRULY a witness if they acted that way”. Truth is many of their members are mentally sick. There is no denying it. The elders will cover it up and take matters into their own hands and these jerks are getting a free ride.

    These posts don’t go into great detail. I would suggest that you read some books on the subject: Crisis of Conscience, Awakening of a Jehovah’s Witness, Have you Seen My Mother. These are first hand experiences written with detailed and concise information that is very beneficial.

    Also, contrary to what they teach, there is A LOT of love in the “world”. You just have to be willing to let it in and they do not. They are pessimsitic by nature, finding something wrong with everyone and everything that isn't from the WT.

    I implore all to save this in your files for and as research.


  • supersonic

    Why can't you let people make their own mind up. Your the one trying too brain-wash studys into changing their mind, alot of people are genuinely happier than they were before they found the truth it isn't an act for everyone.

  • sf


    I'm not sure I comprehend your attitude towards what's been presented here. But I am glad you are contributing.


    In order to make a balanced decision on whether to study and/ or continue to study with jws/ WATCHTOWER BOOK PUBLISHING CORPORATION, viewers, lurkers and seekers must know what getting involved with this ORGANIZATION OF BOOK PUBLISHERS and their salespeople, will actually entail.

    Is there anything presented in the posters analysis that I pasted that you disagree with? Is there something above in the text that is incorrect in how gaining a study and converting them into the "religion" is misrepresented, fabricated, embellished or a bold faced lie?


  • jwfacts

    Supersonic, what SF presented is perfectly honest, wouldn't you agree? So how is that trying to brainwash someone? It is just presenting the picture to be considered from another angle so that people can make up their own mind.

    Like you I was raised as a JW, so it has surprised me to learn that my non JW friends are generally far happier than my JW friends were. Sure, lots of people become happier on leaving a bad way of life and joining the JWs, but they would have been just as happy if they had joined many religions.

  • parakeet

    ***Why can't you let people make their own mind up.***
    Because JWs don't give you whole picture when they're trying to draw you in. I didn't know about the disfellowshipping policy until two years after I started attending meetings and going out in FS. They're not honest when they tell you Jehovah is a god of love. It's only later that you find out that the entire earth's population (minus 6 million or so JWs) is going to be massacred by this loving god.
    ***Your the one trying too brain-wash studys into changing their mind***
    Telling the whole truth is not brainwashing. Telling people lies about the WTS in hopes of converting them is.
    ***alot of people are genuinely happier than they were before they found the truth it isn't an act for everyone.***
    When I left the JWs, some of my friends and family came with me. The family members who remained are some of the most unhappy, miserable people I know. And that's just for starters. I've never known any JWs who were truly happy, but they were very good at putting on an appearance of happiness.

  • supersonic
    After you are baptized you will not be permitted to talk with former JWs

    Where is the truth in that? Of course you can "talk" with former witnesses.

  • purplesofa
    Where is the truth in that? Of course you can "talk" with former witnesses.

    you've been trained well............

    your avatar makes sense now

    purps your age correct?

    Thanks for the post................I found it to be true in my situation and circumstances

  • fullofdoubtnow

    SS, have you not heard of the shunnung policy that jws practice against their former members? As a former jw myself, I have been on the end of this a few times. Just a couple of days ago. my boyfriend, also an ex jw, and myself were taking our dog a walk, and a group of jws on service, some who I have known for over 20 years, collectively turned their back on us, it was a bit like watching synchronised swimming, they all turned in almost perfect unison.

    If you become a baptised jw, that is what you would be required to do - shun former jws. If you failed to observe this "rule", you would be disciplined by the elders, and if you persisted, you could be disfellowshipped. Why don't you ask about this next time you are at a meeting? In my experience, it isn't something you are told pre - baptism, they wait till they have you hooked, then tell you the real cost of being a jw, a policy that some might see as dishonest.

  • jwfacts

    Super, I am sure you realise ex members must be shunned, (Ex-members being disfellowshipped ones)

    I was disfellowshipped in January. Let you give my experience so you understand the total lunacy of the policy.

    For several years I have been aware that the Watchtower Society was neither based on truth or honesty, and my entire family knew how I felt. I did not tell non family members so as not to be disfellowshipped. But last year I had enough, stopped going to the meeting, and hence the elders followed me up, and eventually d/f me for not believing the Watchtower Society is directed by Holy Spirit.

    My cousin has been my best friend for life. She has a 18 month old child that spent several months in hospital, and I spent hours there with her, week after week. When she found out I was being d/f she suggested we have a last meal before the announcement. They then said that after the announcement I am no longer welcome in their house.

    From the day I was d/f my parents cut me off.

    Do you see how illogical that is. They knew I stopped believing years ago, but it was only on the announcement that they could no longer talk to me. Yet nothing had really changed. These people are unable to think for themselves. If the Organization says it they do it, regardless if it is Christian, bible based, logical or loving.

    I personally know many people that have been ignored by their own family for years, and if you stick around you will find a lot of people on this board are treated like they are dead by their family.

    By the way, you may not be aware but you can be disfellowshipped for speaking to a disfellowshipped person. One of the reasons the elders came to visit me was because I had been seen with a disfellowshipped friend of mine.

  • supersonic

    I am not stupid i know what disfellowshipping is. My uncle is disfellowshipped, none of my family shuns him, they just don't have regular association with him. When you say former jw's i think of inactive jw's, make yourself clearer next time

    you've been trained well............

    your avatar makes sense now

    purps your age correct

    What is the need for that comment? Yes i am 17 why? When i here people say former jws i don't automatically think dfed ones.

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