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  • cptkirk

    Golden Age (the Watchtower magazine before it became the Watchtower) is a great resource for nutty content. It's only about 1 step away from Larsinger running the entire corp. Totally reactionary, almost like someone was sitting behind a desk drunk and just writing a response to every piece of news. They keep talking about the nazification of the US and then they turn around and ask if the current jews who are running everything are the jews that were foretold in the bible, anyone see any irony there?

    this thread is a great resource considering the "best of" is laying in ruins lol.

  • LoisLane looking for Superman
    LoisLane looking for Superman

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  • homejah

    VM44,the photos of Rutherford's grave at Staten Island does not exist. It dissappeared. Leolaia,do you have a website of your own in showing those Watchtower treasures?

  • Black Sheep
    Black Sheep

    VM44,the photos of Rutherford's grave at Staten Island does not exist. It dissappeared.

    What URL? Have you tried

    Leolaia,do you have a website of your own in showing those Watchtower treasures?

    This is it. Leolaia hasn't posted for a while, so don't expect a reply from her.

  • smiddy

    If only the modern day jehovahs witnesses would look at the material that was published in the" Golden Age". by the Faithful and discreet slave .

    And then try to harmonise that the " truth" gets brighter and brighter as the day draws near .


  • Apognophos

    Wow, the Golden Age was crazier than I realized.

  • adamah

    I haven't read the entire thread, but in the interests of fairness it seems as if the "Golden Age" was actually a forerunner of "Watching The World" columns in back of the Awake!, serving as a "news aggregator" of sorts; it's not stuff fantasized by WTBTS or doctrinal stances taken by GB.

    Reason I say that is I was interested in the 'Mary Kate Ware' story above (posted a year ago by Black Sheep) to find out if doctors ever figured out what her "Zodiac Malady" was, so Googled, only to find the same report had hit the 'Associated Press News And Universal Telegraph And Cable Service' and was printed in the Reading, PA Times on 26 March 1935 (about 5 months before the story ran in the Golden Age):

    Point being, it's a tad unfair to blame 'Golden Age' for passing on the outdated news stories of the day or claim it as coming from the GB, although it DOES point out how Divinely-uninspired the WTBTS was/is to pass along ideas of the day which science has later demonstrated to be false (a flaw from which the Bible also suffers, talking about long-disproven ideas from the World of cosmology, human anatomy, bacteriology, etc, etc).

  • Apognophos

    I think you need to read more of this thread, adamah (I had just finished it when I posted). The editors of GA used it to push various quackery (I'm sure you've heard of the aluminum and vaccination scares, but have you heard that cutting your hair makes you go bald?), but more than that, they published lots of racist and misogynistic material too. Quoting a KKK newspaper that supported them is a high/low point of the thread. Additionally, it's quite clear how Rutherford was fanning the flames of conspiracy theorists by publising all that nonsense about a Catholic/Jewish (?!) conspiracy to take over the world.

  • adamah

    Yeah, Apo, i've read the thread, and see many posters saying stuff like it's all from the imaginations of WT editors or the GB, when it's not. Some of it is unattributed talk about certain news stories of their day (although most not as outlandish as the stuff that appears in the tabloid papers talking about aliens hijacking cars and leading state troopers across 3 States, etc), and some of it is the ego-driven jealousy with Judge Rutherford's rival on the radio waves, the Catholic Father Coughlin.

    As I said above, it shows the lack of God's "spirit direction" to print such nonsense in the first place (eg God doesn't know that hair doesn't fall out from cutting it?), but the escape clause is the same one offered by JWs today to dismiss "new light" flip-flops of the GB: "they're only human!"

    Or even better yet: "What should they do: continue to be wrong and not change their position?" (A statement which completely misses the point that it's not that the GB changes to be correct, but that they were WRONG in the first place.)

  • Socrateswannabe

    Good god! I knew there was some kooky stuff in the early publications but this is some of the wackiest stuff I've read. And I thought the 8 donkeys in Brooklyn were tops at spreading crap. They are not fit to carry Rutherford's slop bucket. This guy had gonads galore, plus it helped that he was just wild ass crazy. What a horrible legacy we have here, those of us who are still stuck in this organization of the insane. Thanks to whoever bumped this after all these years. Also, I miss Leolaia!

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