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    *** g33 9/13 p. 777 The Macfadden One-Cent Restaurants ***

    AT FIVE places in New York and Brooklyn, and one in Washington, the hungry may now secure good food, excellently cooked, at the Macfadden One-Cent Restaurants. All foods are cooked by the slow process of double boilers; all the flavor is retained; that is the right way to cook any food.

    The dishes that may be had for 1c each are all kinds of soups, cracked wheat, steamed cornmeal, steamed Scotch oatmeal, steamed hominy frits, bread pudding, stewed prunes, stewed raisins, honey tea, raisen coffee, black coffee, milk for coffee, whole-wheat doughnut, 2 slices whole-wheat bread, 2 slices whole-wheat raisin bread.

    In the two-cent category are creamed codfish on toast, rice pudding, cornmeal pudding, whole-wheat pudding, steed apricots, stewed mission figs, stewed peaches, buttermilk, light cream for coffee, whole-wheat apple or prune pie, whole-wheat muffin with raisins, cole slaw.

    In the three-cent list are meat cakes, fruit salad, 1/2 grape fruit, sliced peaches, crushed pineapple, sweet milk, whole-wheat crumb cake, whole-wheat coffee ring, whole-wheat ginger cake with whipped cream, lettuce and tomatoes, and tuna fish salad; also cream of asparagus soup.

    The usual price for a full meal in these restaurants is 10c.

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    *** g34 9/26 p. 807 Sales Propaganda Keeps Millions Ill -- Part 2 ***

    A subscriber in Oklahoma noted a letter from the president of the American Medical Association, deploring the increase in trench mouth. The lady wrote Dr. Fishbein [editor of the Journal of the American Medical Association] that the cause of trench mouth, which he had admitted he did not comprehend, was that the soldier boys tried to drink from aluminum containers. He replied: "Careful scientific study in various parts of the world indicate not the slightest danger to the human from eating food cooked in aluminum cooking utensils."

    Under the circumstances one can partly comprehend the following from the Journal of the American Association for Medico-Physical Research:

    "The Journal of the A.M.A. is the vilest sheet that passes the United States mail. Its language merely keeps within the Postal Regulations. It is conducted meticulously upon the principles of graft. Nothing new and useful in therapeutics escapes its unqualified condemnation. Its attacks are generally ad hominem. Its editorial columns are largely devoted to character assassination. No reputation, no life, no character is above its libelous assaults. It is of such reputation that the statement of a fact in its columns is prima facie evidence of its untruth. Its editorial writers work in the seething ooze of corruption and write with a 'muck rake'. This reputation of the Journal of the A.M.A. is general in the United States. Its editor is the type of Jew that crucified Jesus Christ."

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    If the New York Public Library has a complete set of Golden Ages is there any prospect that images will appear onine as part of the Project Gutenberg or something similar? If they allow photocopies to be taken could someone else do this?

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    *** g34 9/26 p. 803-807 Sales Propaganda Keeps Millions Ill -- Part 2 ***

    G. A. Bauer, of Missouri, had a skin cancer which it was explained to him, he could have removed for $50. He stopped eating food cooked in aluminum ware; the "cancer" dried up, and he brushed it off with his fingers.

    J. N. Regan, of Missouri, warmed and drank one morning coffee that had been left in an aluminum percolator the previous morning; as a result he was nearly blind for nine months, until the aluminum worked out of his system.... Mrs. F. W. Robinson, of Missouri, writes that since discontinuing the use of aluminum ware her husband's hands have become soft as velvet...

    At Verdel, Nebraska, the wife of Fila Sherman, his seventeen-year-old daughter Vivian and his thirteen-year-old daughter Esther died within a week after they had eaten corn prepared in an aluminum pan; very sad, but quite to be expected.

    Mrs. R. W. Morse, of New Hampshire, writes that when she ceased to use aluminum ware she ceased to have stomach trouble; she is quite sure it was these utensils that caused her to have a skin cancer, now also healed...

    Clayton J. Woodworth, of New York, tilted an aluminum skillet in a gas flame; the skillet took fire and fell in pieces; as the aluminum hydroxides, sulphates, and chlorides had worked out into the food, their place had been taken by the fats used in the cooking....

    Dr. P. D. Pottle, of Ohio, observed that on a hot July day seven goats refused to drink water from an aluminum bucket, but drank eagerly when a different bucket was provided.

    Mrs. Lawrence Harbauer, of Ohio, told Dr. Betts she had used aluminum ware for years without any ill effects. She died in less than thirty days after she made that remark, and they found in her gall bladder a stone over 1 1/4 inches in diameter. Her husband, even after her death, continued the use of the utensils which had ended the life of his companion; shortly thereafter he died from ulcers and cancerous tissue, aluminum caused...

    At Steubenville, Ohio, it was noted that Tom Parry's canary will neither chirp, sing nor bathe when given water treated with alum and other chemicals, but bursts into song and bathes bird-fashion when given pure spring water...

    Mrs. Louis Cook, of Ohio, bought a set of aluminum ware at a big price. After using for a time she noticed in the kettle a crystal, like salt, touched it with finger tip, and tasted. It was sour, and produced a sore on her tongue that took two weeks to heal. If you want that kind of sores on your intestines, you just go right ahead and use all the aluminum utensils you wish to. Don't allow anything we may say to stop you. You have a right to die by a self-induced cancer the same as anybody else and should be protected in that right; only don't get sore when somebody tells you about it.

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    Well, I have heard that scanned Golden Ages will be coming soon from Research Applications:

  • VM44

    Leolaia, thanks for posting those snippets from The Golden Age.

    Clayton J. Woodworth certainly did not hold back from making comments expressing his thoughts about the stories he "reported". Often his comments were sarcastic in nature.

    He was a very opinionated man. Wrong most of the time, but he didn't so.

    Clayton Woodworth, as the editor of the magazine, appears to have had been given free reign over what material was published and so going through the articles published over the years gives a good idea of his thinking and of his personality.

    It is interesting that Nathan Knorr was involved in the publication of The Golden Age and that when he became president of the WTBTS he took steps to make the material published by The Watchtower more respectable.

    I look forward to obtaining the magazine on CDs when they become available.


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    I need to mark this thread to read later.

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    *** g27 2/9 p. 315 Zionism Fulfilling Prophecy ***

    WE MUST remember that the Prophet Isaiah's vocabulary was very limited. We must remember also that the vocabulary of the translators of our King James Version was quite limited. In Isaiah's day, and in the days of our translators, there were no such words as locomotive, automobile, steamship, railway coaches, airplanes, etc. The best that these men could do was use the nearest word they had to describe what they saw.

    The Prophet Nahum calls a railroad train a chariot (Nahum 2:3-6). Isaiah calls it an another place (27:1) a winding serpent. What did Isaiah see in his vision? He saw his brethren returning on horseback, in automobiles (coaches), in chariots (railroad trains); and when he saw the swaying furnaces, who knows but that he saw the "President Arthur" and other vessels steaming in toward Jaffa with thousands of his brethren homeward bound?

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    *** g27 2/23 p. 342 A Righteous Government ***

    Who then in all the earth could fill the requirements to rule in righteousness? There is not a man living on the earth today, in any nation, whom all the people would be willing to risk as their governor and ruler. The Lord is equal to the occasion, however, and will provide rulers.

    Doubtless many of you have heard that the Jews shall again rule the earth. This has been much misunderstood. Not every man who is a descendent of Abraham is a Jew, by any means. Be it known once and for all that those profiteering, conscienceless, selfish men who call themselves Jews, and who control the greater portion of the finances of the world and the business of the world, will never be the rulers in this new earth. God would not risk such selfish men with such an important position.

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