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    Great stuff Leolaia.

    A while back there was someone on the forum who claimed to be related to Woodworth and stated that he was never very happy with Rutherford's leadership and had tendencies toward Bible Student groups himself. Don't ask me where that was, but I think I remember reading that.

    Where can I get a copy of the Moyle transcipt?


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    Now it would be interested to see if a communication was made in the Golden Age or elsewhere stating that "you must not use this theocratic calendar." after the confrontation of Woodworth by Rutherford.



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    Thanks, Charles! I've added it to my collection!

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    Another one: the WBBR censorship here




    I love that calendar.

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    The Golden-Age September 11, 1935



  • Leolaia

    Thanks, charles. Here are some interesting quotes from that issue:


    *** g35 9/11 p. 788 Bulletin and Affidavit Circulated by N. J. Division of Jehovah's witnesses***

    JEHOVAH God through Christ Jesus commands us to go from place to place and preach or make known this gospel of His Kingdom. Our failure to obey this commandment the Lord's Word plainly tells us will result in our destruction. We love Jehovah and will serve Him.

    Notwithstanding that the United States Supreme Court has held that this is a Christian nation, and that the laws of God are higher than man's laws, your municipality by law says we must get a permit from the police chief to preach the gospel. For us to obey that law would be an insult to Jehovah and a violation of Jehovah's law. Then we must choose either to obey God and live or disobey Him and die. If we obey Him, you send us to jail. If you were placed in the same position as we are, what would you do? choose prison and live or disobey God and die?

    To us it seems far better and more consistent to refuse to ask for a permit, and go to prison in consequence at the insistance of the papal Roman authority because we are telling the truth, than to disobey Jehovah God and Christ Jesus and suffer complete destruction.


    *** g35 9/11 p. 792 Obedience Brings Promotion from Jehovah God ***

    Today there are about two thousand pioneers who have literally done what Peter and the other apostles did; they have left all to do the Lord's bidding, devoting their entire time to preaching the gospel message from house to house. Theirs is the most useful and most honorable place in the kingdom of God today; the Bethel family at Brooklyn, N.Y., would increase the number by ten percent. Something like forty percent of all literature placed is put in the hands of the people by these pioneers and Bethelites... Some of these, as in New Jersey, and Germany, and Quebec, are often imprisoned as was Peter. Their life is strenuous, as was Peter's, and interesting and exciting, as was his, to the last degree. Armageddon is just ahead. Today, today, they have the opportunity to suffer something for Jehovah's name. Tomorrow it will all be for ever done. How gladly the angels of God would leave their places in heaven, if that were God's will, to come to New Jersey, and go out in the work in Plainfield or Maplewood, and stand before De Meza or Thiele and say as did Peter of old, "Whether it be right in the sight of God to hearken unto you more than unto God, judge ye. For we cannot but speak the things which we have seen and heard."

    And recently the angels have heard some wonderful things of what God is about to do in Armageddon; and there will be more.


    *** g35 9/11 p. 799 The Lady Holds Her Nose ***

    The women of Jehovah's organization do not have time to powder and paint to look like a circus poster (nor do they want to), neither could they qualify as a model for cigarette ads. Nor do they spend their time toying with cocktail glasses, but if I might propose a toast (water will serve the purpose) it would be, "Here is to the Time writer; we hold our nose as he passes by." Maybe when Armageddon strikes he will realize that the shine on their faces was from an inner glow that was consuming their every thought and energy.

  • VM44

    "And recently the angels have heard some wonderful things of what God is about to do in Armageddon; and there will be more."

    "Maybe when Armageddon strikes he will realize that the shine on their faces was from an inner glow that was consuming their every thought and energy."

    The sanity of whoever wrote these words (Woodworth?) has to be seriously questioned.

    With regards to the first quote, how would the writer know what angels have recently heard?

    And with regards the second quotation, it reads like it was written by a unbalanced, demented person who was so sure in their belief that Armageddon was "just around the corner"!

    The Golden Age magazine shows us today how the JWs thought in the 1930's. That they were a people who as a group were illogical, foolish and demented, and that they possessed a collective delusion of grandeur that they were Jehovah's chosen people.

    These people are all dead now, they all died with their noses up in the air thinking they were special. We can all laugh now at their foolishness, but can anything useful be learned by studying the odd beliefs of this strange cult?

    The answer is "Yes"! The beliefs of modern day JWs are really not that different from the beliefs they had during the 1930's. Starting with Knorr in the 1940's, the JWs have learned how to make their beliefs sound more reasonable, but they still belief that they are "Jehovah's People" and that everyone, except them, are going to die at Armageddon, which is still "just around the corner". They just package their beliefs in a more presentable form today.

    How long will it take people it will be clear to EVERYONE that the Watchtower is simply a man made organization and that it is simply NOT a part of Jehovah's Organization?


  • chasson

    Golden Age February, 27 1935 . A great article of Charles Troax Betts concerning "Poisoning by Aspirin"



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