Harassed about filling out new blood card...

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  • carla

    Dozy then how do you explain instances where jw's did have info about patients when no family member gave them any info? Just more apostate lies I suppose?

    I find it so very odd that you continue to associate with us apostate liars. If jw's are so honest why do they need to inform elders at all about health care? Why do HLC's even exist? If jw's are so honest then the elders would KNOW all jw's would abide by the ungodly blood rules of the wt. No need to check up on them or invade the family in times of crisis. No need to even ask if someone has taken blood it would be a given.

    Here in the US a doctor nearly lost his license due to the fact a jw worked in his office and she felt it her duty to tell the elders about a jw woman who came in requesting medication for a std, she claimed she was raped. The doctor doesn't need to know how she aquired the std, his role was to treat the patient. The jw woman nearly ruined this non jw doctors life, why? Because she came across private information to use for her own selfish goals, getting pats on the back from the elders so she could ruin this womans life and possibly the doctors. Luckily the jw patient did not sue the doctor as he was clueless about jw's, the jw employee was fired. I know, I know, just more apostate lies, right?

  • Finally-Free

    Sorry, but even when I was a JW I would not have tolerated that sort of invasion of my privacy. I would have told the elder to shut his mouth and mind his own business, or he may end up requiring a blood transfusion himself if he insisted on harassing me further.

    You alone have the right to decide what sort of medical treatments you will or will not accept. You alone decide who your emergency contacts will be. You alone decide who will witness any documents you sign.

    And you don't have to explain yourself to anyone.


  • fullofdoubtnow
    The clause asking for permission to allow the HLC to have access to the patient records

    I have heard of this, but I don't see why the HLC would require access to patient records. All the HLC members I have known have little or no medical knowledge anyway. Their role is to try help a jw patient obtain the type of medical treatment they prefer. As long as they have access to the patients themselves, why would they need access to their private medical records? If I had required medical treatment while still a jw, I would certainly not have liked some janitor or window cleaner turning up at the hospital and being given access to my records.

    The suspicion that HLC requests to view private medical records is an attempt to snoop on members of their flock is understandable, given the type of people most HLCs, at least around here, are composed of.

  • nelly136

    cheers fullofdoubtnow, its not a problem for me i hot footed it to the doctors not long after i left jws. i knew there was no ways my n.o.k would ever sign consent on my behalf in case of emergency even though i'd left.

    i was wondering more for other pepes.

  • Terry
  • Lady Liberty
    Lady Liberty

    Asking you for that information is a HIPAA violation.

    Exactly my thoughts!! I would however remove the card from my wallet the second I got in the car BEFORE I drove off. You never know, you could have great intentions of shredding it when you get home, but what if you don't make it home??


    Lady Liberty

  • Lady Liberty
    Lady Liberty

    The notion , promoted by certain opposed ex-witnesses in the UK , that this is some kind of underhand move to "snoop" on JW hospital patients and insist that they abstain from blood transfusions is , sadly , yet another apostate lie.


    You made the above statement. Yet I am still unclear then WHY it is that the Blood cards have been changed to include this clause? What would be the need for ANYONE to have access to another persons private medical records?? ESPECIALLY to ones who are NOT doctors??

    Lady Liberty

  • Sunspot

    Things have certainly changed with the implementation of the HIPAA laws....it should help JWs who are trapped in your situation, somewhat anyway!

    Before I finally left the WTS cult, I had my own experience with the PO that got to my hospital room AND to the charge Nurse at the desk to aasure that I wouldn't be taking any blood during my surgery.

    Of course I had discussed ALL this with my DOCTOR the day before....but the PO showed up hours before my surgery to make sure it was "all straightened out" dontcha know. At first I was flattered that he was being so diligent on my behalf.....NOW I find it insulting and manipulative.

    I'd go with the "fill it in and then toss it out" advice......let the chips (and heads) fall where they may......


  • Broken Hearted
    Broken Hearted
    What would be the need for ANYONE to have access to another persons private medical records?? ESPECIALLY to ones who are NOT doctors??

    Sounds to me like they are wanting more control. Here in the States you have to sign a release for someone to see your records because of the HEPA laws, With my daughter turning 18 this has been very hard for us and for the doctors. I did most of the decsion making, medication orders and deciding when she would have this test or that and when. Just last week they called and did not want to talk to me at all, I explained to the girl calling that she just turned 18 and there should be a paper on file giving her dad and I persmission to know what is in her records and to still help her make some of those decisions. Just because a person turns 18 does not necessarily mean they are mentally capable of making rash decisions when it comes to major health issues. The woman ended up giving me the infomration, and I am glad she did, they were scheduling her a MRI that we new nothing about, my daughter would have freaked out, and told them to call me anyway. While the HEPA laws are here to help sometimes they hurt.

    If I were a JW I Know I would not sign a realase for someone other than my immideate family to see my records, again this is none of their business. I keep trying to explain to my JW friend but he does not see it that way. I don't know what else to do to make him see he has a right to a life without fear of looking over his shoulder or losing his family. I respect his beliefs, but just trying to show him the reasons I can't believe in the WTS.

  • wednesday

    they read my chart. It was few years ago, but they most certainly did have acces to my personal private health info. It did hapen and also if a nurse or medical asst works for a doc, then you can forget privacy. They will tell the elders if it is something they view as wrong. it all comes under spiritual warfare .I recall that Awake I believe years ago that talked about this . They were told to basically defuy the laws, even if it meant losing their job b/c they had to keep cong. clean. I know there has been updates to the privacy laws, but those cards still give them acess.

    I went to the Er of the hospitals that use the bloodless program and had it offically changed in the computer and I would bet if there was a jws in the office group, they could have acess to it. I would not be surprised if someone knew I took my name out of the program, and had it removed from my files. Any doc i use now, or family doc, I make sure they got my records right.

    it is easier than you think for medical people to see things, from labs to registering,to xrays, to surgeries. yes i know about the privacy laws, but if they suspcet you are unclean, (or are out ot get you on something) watch out for the wt spies, they work in hospitals , docs offices, all over. An they do report to the elders. I think registerig is one of the most dangerous areas, you have no idea who the person is. They frequently hire midle age women here, and many of them are jws. and I am still ask "what religion? " as of very recently.

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