How about this one ?

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  • moomanchu

    This time keeping what a crock .

    The reason the elders give for doing it is to encourage others making them feel guilty.

    By the way confesion I sent your poetic rebuttal to my relative with a little modification so that it was

    more ........JW friendly


  • Confession

    By the way confesion I sent your poetic rebuttal to my relative with a little modification so that it was

    more ........JW friendly

    LMAO, moo! I'd love to know how you made it more JW friendly.

  • freedom96

    Even though I have been out for many years, it still bothers me when I find witnesses at the mall or airport sitting behind a table, with the books and magazines displayed. They sit there with a friend and yack about whatever, and count their time while watching people walk by.

    It pisses me off. Talk about laziness. When I counted my time, it was hard core knocking on doors, not sitting behind a silly table.

  • Lapuce

    Its very common in my congration as it is in a rural area, everyone does it, not only pioneers!!!, it was an easy way to make your hours in a day or two for the national average, and get it over with,,,,, No guilt trip

  • lisavegas420

    I remember dropping mags off at nursing homes, laundry mats, and the jail to get our time started early. Just run in, drop off and you're gone.

    I also remember a poster here told us all that she was shopping a womens clothing store and a sister was walking around shopping with her watchtower and awake facing out....I guess a honest hearted, holy spirit directed one, would have stopped her and asked about the mags.


  • evergreen

    lol, had to laugh when i read this thread. Now thats what you call the pioneer spirit

  • freetosee

    I noticed this time counting practice mainly with elders and pioneers. With the elders it took ages to approach the next door. Between the doors they like to have long "up-building" conversations. When I indicated to move on, I was told by an elder that he uses the time in service to do his shepherding work. And many pioneers before travelling to an RV briefly show a WT to a person on the street so that they can start counting their time.

    Visiting California I was out with the group doing RV’s. We were six witnesses in a van and we would all six drive up to the RV together, two got out and enjoyed a lengthy visit while the other four of us waited in the car. And that is how it continued all day. I spent hours in the car that day and just got out once with a sister only to find out the person to be visited was not at home. So when we were back in the car I told everyone that I didn’t feel I was doing much service and felt like I was cheating counting this as time. I was told that I was out supporting the group and it is safer to do it this way.


  • sass_my_frass

    How about rural service - take a dozen out in one bus, over the course of the day you'll talk to three people. Everybody did twelve hours getting out there and back.

    When I started getting very cynical about it I counted penalty rates - saturday witnessing? That's time and a half. Sundays - double time. Public holidays - the double time and a half nirvana.

    This is the eath-shaking preaching work that's happening all over the world people; yes, the whole world knows that the good news of the kingdom is having it's time card punched.

  • bubble

    Blimey I wish I'd thought to pull off a few of these time scams when I was a pioneer!!

    All of my service hours were genuine. What a loser!

  • greendawn

    That's also what I thought if only I had been smarter, no one follows you to check on your activities. Those pioneers are doing the smart thing and especially if they are full timers which means they are getting some money for it from the org.

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