How about this one ?

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  • Warlock

    How about the pioneers that no one ever sees out in service? I've heard a few whispers about a couple of those.

    I posted this story once, but I'll tell it again: I knew a pioneer that used to start his time before the meeting for service and would include the meeting for service. When we were done in the field, he would continue his time throughout the day by talking to someone or handing out literature every place he went. Gas stations, hot dog stands, whatever. One afternoon I saw him at a store with his mags out in plain view for everyone to see, while he was shopping.

    Here, I'm like lovely lil, trying to do everything as honestly as possible, struggling to put in legitimate time and I see this!!!!!!!

    Was I the stupid one, or what?

    Warlock (the naive one)

  • Free

    Wow , Thank god I didn't waste to much time in service, I was a weak one . Thanks for your replys.

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