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  • Free

    I was visiting some friends from out of state that had moved there from my hometown. When one of the friends that was from their cong.( pioneer ) said they wanted to get their time started before are 4 hour trip to a national park walked into a supermarket to hand out a tract. Troughout the day placing a couple more. Our hole trip took about 12hours and the whole way I knew they where counting time for what they had said in the morning as well as some of the others that had placed tracts that day who were with me. That's how they get their hours ? you have got to be kidding me. I was still new as far as service went. Does anyone else have an experience like mine ?

  • KW13

    mmm, possibly to do with the fact they hate it lol.

  • Gregor

    The whole time reporting thing is a dead give away for what JWs are all about...

    when I was in the third grade they brought in a nurse with a big plastic set of teeth and gave us a dental hygiene lecture. At the end they gave us each a new toothbrush and a tube of toothpaste along with a 30 day calendar. We were to mark off each time we brushed every day, the ideal being after each meal (3 times a day.) One evening my mother noticed I was in the bathroom a long time and asked me what I was doing. I had not brushed my teeth all day and so I had brushed them three times in a row, brush, rinse and spit, brush, rinse and spit, etc. so I could check off the little boxes on the calendar.

    Salvation through blind conformity to a Talmudic religion. Fill up your coupon book and win eternal life.

  • Lo-ru-hamah

    Oh, I have heard stories like that. For instance, when some of the witnesses go on airplane trips they bring along a Watchtower or Awake and leave it in the pocket of the seat. They will then count their trip as field service time.

    Of course, there are those pioneers that count their time at District Conventions sitting with the contribution boxes or in the mothers nursing rooms holding the signs to tell everyone to shut up. Funny thing though is that pioneers are the only ones allowed to count their time at those events. They are the only ones that it counts as sacred service.


  • poodlehead

    Boy does this bring back memories that I really don't want to remember.

    Like sitting in a car with a pioneer and trying to remember someone who is studing's address. So we can catch them at home and bring up two words and leave a magazine and then maybe go swimming or lunch with the person and count the time.

    I have heard the vacation thing before and couldn't believe it then. Who do they think they are kidding. "Must keep up with the Jones or JW's.

  • moomanchu
    Who do they think they are kidding.

    I always thought, do you think you are fooling God, I think not.

    He knows what you are doing.

    I've seen and done this myself it's ridiculous when you examine it.

    Oh and welcome to JWD

  • lovelylil

    This is what the Pioneers used to call "pioneer hours" in my old hall. Which basically meant counting the most hours for the least work. And if you never had to speak with an actual person all day - that was a big bonus.

    It goes to show what a complete sham this so called "preaching through out the world for a witness" nonesense is.

    I knew some that would drive around all day and leave magazines in laundromats, hospital waiting rooms and the entrances to apartment buildings and count all of it, including coffee brakes and lunch brakes. And not once did they speak to anyone! I used to be so ticked off because I was too conscientious to do that and would be out in service for 8 hours and only feel I could count 3. I nearly had a nervous breakdown trying to get in all my hours when I pioneered.

  • moomanchu

    lovelylil you were are one of the good people trying to do what your supposed to.

  • lovelylil

    Thanks moomanchu,

    I am glad I had experiences like that one because over time, my eyes began to open and I began to see the hypocrisy of the whole thing. It actually helped my leave to go a lot smoother.

  • Confession

    to Lil... I felt the same way, dear. There was always a cluster of sisters who thought they were so smart, getting up really early to "go do bus stops." They'd drive around for hours, finding all the bus stops, dropping off an old magazine or two, stopping for coffee, swinging by the dry cleaners...never speaking to anyone. Of course, when asked, they'd claim that sometimes they'd speak to people. Yeah, it happened one time eight months previous.

    Both sisters and brothers liked to "do gas stations" too. Drive around, pull in to one, go get a hot chocolate, leave a tract for the guy behind the glass. I did this a few times, but always felt guilty.

    Conversely, once in awhile you'd find a real nut who was positively scrupulous about time-counting. One quirky character used to go around with a stopwatch. He seriously would count up the minutes and seconds he'd spend in service, dutifully stopping it when not actively preaching.

    I never had a problem padding five or ten minutes to complete an hour, but I just couldn't pull some of the shenanigans so many others were pulling. It was always tough to take when I'd only hit 54 or 55 hours while auxiliary-ing one month--and these jokers would be smiling happily, claiming to have hit 60 or beyond.

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