Bicycling - A Dangerous Sport

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  • cruzanheart

    Princess, since Chris' reply to you was on this thread, perhaps your reply to him should have been public also. (Yes, I did see your PM.)


  • OpenFireGlass

    cruzanheart, I was not directing that comment to you or any individual... Just making a silly comment on this thread... couldn't help myself after I saw the two comments above mine

    PEACE, Mike

  • cruzanheart

    No worries, Mike! And if you ever come to one of our Texas Apostafests, you can check out the evidence for yourself. Well, Big Tex WILL be hovering . . .


  • gumby
    Last time I looked, it was quite a nice ass, thank you, and not overly large.


    Don't let her fool's a pic of her I got when she was a biker mama just two months ago.

    ............................Just kiddin Nina...I could resist though


  • Big Tex
    Big Tex

    Oh I wish I could post a real picture!

    Dammit Gumby you drew me offiside, I promised I wouldn't post on this thread!

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  • uninformed
    I have a license plate frame that says "Share the road" and a bumper sticker that says;

    BADD= Bicyclist Against Dumb Drivers

    Back to the topic of this thread I do agree the cyclist was in the wrong, his actions were just stupid, however you cannot judge all cyclist by the actions of a few.

    What really irked me most was Lo-ru-hamah's reaction to him:

    So, in a blind rage I start to turn the car around to actually run him over this time for real and intentionally, when all of a sudden a car pulls onto the same road and runs the guy over. His bicycle is completely bent up and he gets up still yelling at me. He said it was my f***ing fault that this happened. He didn't even get mad at the guy who hit him. He was too busy yelling at me still.

    I was sorry, I didn't see him but he broke the law. I had my blinker on and I was in the far left lane. When he got hit the by the other car he wasn't even watching me anymore. The stupid Lance Armstrong wanna be might want to learn how to ride a bicycle. It took a bit to calm down but afterwards I was able to have a good laugh about how karma works.

    That is pure hateful and appalling! I can honestly say I really can't wrap my head around anyone who can laugh at another person's misery, regardless of how it happened. But that's just me? Gawd I hope not!

    Maybe it's time for this roadie to trade my bike in for an all terrain clunker and stay off the road and on trails, sucks! It's hard to train for a 100 mile road event riding trails.


    Loruhmah has apologozed for her word usage in her post. She was merely trying to express her frustration and anxiety at a cyclist who was between her and the curb (illegal) cursing her wildly for a traffic problem.

    He was so enraged that he forgot what he was doing, and subsequently had a wreck. Then, he was still screaming at her trying to blame his wreck on her.

    Bikerchic, be serious. If someone was cursing you, screaming obscenities in public, and filled with such rage that he would do violence to you if he could, and then he had a wreck, human nature would kick in and I know I personally would feel vindicated, and I think most on this thread would too.

    Please consider: People get shot quite often, or ram a car into others as a result of road rage. People die. Loruhamah was a victim of road rage, and apparantly very close to 'snapping' herself. Now, if she would have snapped and been the one to run over the cyclist, all that could be said is that he brought it on himself, however, she would have been arrested for her road rage, and rightly so.

    It is my opinion that "Princess" first post was an extension of road rage, and some of your comments about Loruhamah were also. Kind of like "piling on".

    I understand too that there may be a filial connection between Princess and one of the administrators, therefore her rude and obscene comments were basically ignored.

    Until Princess apologizes to Loruhamah I won't retract my statement that I hope she gets her sorry *** run over. How she could construe that to mean that I hope she gets killed, I will never know. Of course I don't want her to get killed. But, if she is a mouthy to motorists in cars when she is on her bike as she was to Loruhamah, then she may end up dead by road rage.

    As to your BADD sticker on your cycle, I think it is a rude sign to have on your bicycle when you are desirous of motorists to "share the road" with you. Human nature being what it is, many people would view the sign as a challenge to their driving personally. Why do you want to have motorists pissed off at you from the get-go?

    All it takes is a little tiny swerve to hit you, and either kill you or knock you off your bike, and they either stop and tell the police that you swerved out on them, or leave you laying on the road or the shoulder or sidewalk, saying they didn't see you.

    This is a wicked world. My idea of cycling is to do it in the safest possible manner, which starts with having the right attitude. I ride a Harley "Road King" but I do my best not to get into fights with cars and trucks. You just can't win. When a traffice problem happens, just let it go, use self-control and redouble your efforts to drive defensively.

    I ride my "Trek 300" bicycle on bicycle paths, as I feel it is too dangerous to be on the road going 15 or 20 when the traffic is going 60 around me. Probably just a silly notion on my part.

    By the way, Nina is correct about her posterior. Chris is on record, and I have seen it too. I agree.

    Princess, I would like to appeal to you to apologize for your explosive language at Loruhamah. I am sure you know that your remarks were not kind.

    When you do, I will do the right thing too.


  • AuldSoul
    Lady Lee: I now motor around on my wheelchair and some sidewalks are too dangerous. I will go on the road but use the cycling rules or sometimes use the pedestrain rules of facing the traffic.

    Hee-hee! I know this isn't what you meant, but my mind was flooded with images of snowbirds who flew from Canada down to Panama City Beach, Florida every year. The driving I witnessed would lead me to agree with you that you would be safer on the road than on the sidewalk.

    Oh, and, um...Good Morning!

  • seawolf

    Well, I've been in both positions: I was an avid bikerider and rode more than 100 miles a day sometimes AND I've hit a person on a bike.

    I came to an intersection that I had been to 100s of times. As I approached it I looked around and no people/bikes, etc were there. I came to a stop and had my blinker on because I wanted to turn right. I looked left. No one was coming. I looked straight to make sure the light didn't change. Looked left one more time and slowly started to turn right and all of a sudden BAM and before I know it the car is up on an angle and there is a guy's head and upper body peering at me from over the hood. The guy starts getting all pissed and mouthing at me. He yells at me to back up and get off his bike. I put on the blinkers and pull on the side and see how he is. He's fine but his rear bike tire is all warped and pretty much shot for good. He told me it was his only mode of transportation so I felt sorry for him and gave him about $30 (it was all I had in my wallet at the time) to go buy a new tire. It wasn't till later I found out he was breaking two laws: he was riding on the sidewalk AND was going the wrong direction! He just came flying out and assumed everyone saw him. WRONG! He's fortunate no traffic was coming for me to get ahead of or else I would have really gassed it and he would have ended up under or behind the car. He was pretty lucky. Even though I was driving a new car and it scratched up the front pretty good (I think it was from one of the peddles on the bike) I wasn't mad. Just part of driving and I was just glad no one was hurt.

    Another time I *almost* ran over another one. It was night time. Speed limit was 50 and that's what I was doing. No streetlights on this road and it was a moonless night. All of a sudden this bike comes into view and I slam on the brakes and swerve into the next lane. Totally dark and wearing dark clothes riding in the center of the lane and NO REFLECTORS. WTF? Almost...

    When I rode (I don't anymore...I graduated to cars ) I always stayed out of the way of cars (iow, I always let them win lol). I never had one close call ever. It seems to me that so many of the bikers assume that cars will see them and that quite often just isnt true.

  • Princess
    Until Princess apologizes to Loruhamah I won't retract my statement that I hope she gets her sorry *** run over. How she could construe that to mean that I hope she gets killed, I will never know.

    It wasn't really a stretch. Cyclists frequently die when they are run over by a motor vehicle. I didn't realize you only wanted me injured...that's way nicer. Thank you!

    Princess, I would like to appeal to you to apologize for your explosive language at Loruhamah. I am sure you know that your remarks were not kind.

    "Explosive language"!! That's funny. She said she was intentionally going to run someone over and I agreed she probably was an F-ing bitch for saying that.

    Kind? Nope. That kind of behavior doesn't inspire kindness in me.

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