Bicycling - A Dangerous Sport

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  • unbeliever

    I have always loved cycling but I do agree when you go on busy streets and highways you are taking your life into your own hands and hopefully your life insurance is up to date. I would ride on the streets and sometimes I would get in peoples way. I tried as fast as I could to get out of the way and when it was not quick enough I would get honked at, yelled at to get off the f****ing road. I replied back and told them to f**k off and I had a right to be on the road. We would exchange the middle finger and be on our way. It is only my opinion but I think its an unrealistic expectation to expect motorist and cyclists to share the road. It's just not going to happen because there are too many hot heads on the road (both motorists and cyclists) which is why I agree that a cyclist is taking their lives into their own hands when they go where the cars are.

  • fakesmile

    first thread i found on cycling. and piss on the ppl who diss a riders rights. pull over and you are not such a badass. the reason i looked is because of the new movie coming out. maximum express, i think. i know it is a slush film trying to score $ from the neo- cyclist movement. you know, the temporary tree huggers who cut a tree down for convenience. or the weekend minimum 2 hrs a week to indulge in an extra cheesburger and wouldnt move over 6 inches for a REAL cyclist. naw screw cyclist, a neo term. i was a punk RIDER way b4 it was cool. any REAL CYCLISTS here? comments? or should i do a new thread?

    if anyone who knows what trials are, please post a video to give non riders an example of a real sport.

  • poppers

    should i do a new thread?

    Do a new thread. I love cycling - long distance riding on a road bike. I completed my 3rd TRAM (The Ride Across Minnesota) a few weeks ago, a 300 mile ride over 5 days to fundraise for the National Multiple Sclerosis Society.

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