For Darcy, what do you think is necessary for salvation?

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  • darcy

    thanks, Listener. In any case, I consider this hypothetical. Entirely.

    But it's always interesting to ruminate.

  • sir82

    Ah, so you would deny that you had visited the current website we are conversing on. I.e., you would lie.

    Well, that's one way to keep out of trouble!

  • bebu
    (probably withdrew in oct. 2001 b/c they thought the world was going to end after 9/11, and during the "big A" it wouldn't be good to be linked to the UN)

    Actually, darcy, they withdrew within 2 days (I think, no more than 5 anyway) of an expose that was in The Guardian newspaper in the UK.,3604,565005,00.html Veeeeeehddy intedestink. bebu

  • RachelHall

    In view of how the WTS changes doctrine every so often, Darcy, what you are learning now most likely will be OLD LIGHT 10 or 20 years from now and you will teaching a lie today.

  • stevenyc

    Darcy, How do you feel about the organization you enjoy to recruit for, when it is aware of thousands of child molestations within the congregations, and impose a rule on the body of elders to contact the societies law office for assistance instead of contacting the police. And, if it is not a state requirement to tell the police of a child molestation, the elders will ask the accused if he committed the molestation. If he denies it, then either the child must confront the molester and accuse him directly, or it is to be left in the hands of Jehovah? steve

  • darcy


    My dear steve. Oh goodness. It wasn't child abuse in my family, but I've run up against this brick wall. For my family, it did, and still does, piss the hell outta me that when a wife goes to the elders for help with her husband REPEATEDLY, she is told, 'go home, be more submissive'. When she drags her children in to tell the elders, yes, things are bad, she's told Go the Fuck Home and be More Submissive!

    Yes Steve. I have issues. What made me angry was they couldn't at least say, 'look honey there's nothing we can do; the Society ties our hands with marital issues, but there are secular organizations who can help if you think you're in danger.' ... oh but that's soliciting for the world. geeez.

    Long story Very Very short: if my dad hadn't been arrested for domestic violence because I called the police finally, then mom would have stayed with the bastard still trying to be more submissive.

    And that's that. That's the very short version.



  • stevenyc


    Thanks for your reply.

    I find it difficult to understand that someone as bright and articulate as yourself; knowing that this abuse control, or lack of, is in accordance with the society, spends as much time as possible recruiting for them.


  • stillconcerned

    ...perhaps it is youth.

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