For Darcy, what do you think is necessary for salvation?

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  • darcy

    I'd say, you got a computer?

  • myelaine

    I really hesitated to butt in again the last time but he's done with me anyway, I guess.



  • kid-A

    "You shall keep My statutes. You shall not let your livestock breed with another kind. You shall not sow your field with mixed seed. Nor shall a garment of mixed linen and wool come upon you. (Leviticus 19:17-19)"

    Thanks for these little buffalo nuggets of godly wisdom myelaine! Next time I see one of my goats boinking the donkey I will quickly separate lest god smote me. As for the farming, should I keep the carrots at least 4 feet from the turnips? Finally, I had no idea the lord had such issues with mixed fabrics! Touchy touchy!! Nevertheless, I will promptly burn all my linen/polyester blends lest the lord doth smote my sinner's ass!!! LOL

  • darcy


    "Nevertheless, I will promptly burn all my linen/polyester blends lest the lord doth smote my sinner's ass!!!"

    rotflmao... cripes, I wouldn't have ANY clothes left

  • juni

    Darcy, hi again.

    Well, smart way... hmm. I imagine I might first ask my subject about how it is We, as Witnesses feel about the UN. Get them to thoroughly explain it, then, if it seems appropriate, that they might look at the papers, show them. Ask again, so what about this? Is this ok too? And just go from there.

    From your postings, you appear to be a very confident, outgoing person. Would you feel comfortable asking an elder or anyone in good standing in the cong. this question about the Society and the UN? Would you feel that you could proceed with your findings w/this person?

    Are you presently able to attend meetings? If you are, why not ask? Just as the ancient Boreans were commended for asking questions (Book of Acts) you should be respected for following their lead.

    Thanks ahead of time for answering.


  • TheListener

    Juni, that's not fair. You know if she brings up the UN it's an automatic red flag for the elder body. Steer clear Darcy, steer clear.

  • sir82

    I'd say, you got a computer?

    "Yes, what's that got to do with anything?"

    "Have you been reading apostate websites?"

  • sir82
  • sir82


    We could continue our little "dialogue" for quite a while, but I hope you see the point.

    At some point, some elder would ask if you have been visiting apostate websites. Presuming that you are trying to apply what you learn in the Kingdom Hall, of course you would answer truthfully.

    At which point you would receive "strong counsel" from 2 or more elders, and most likely be warned that if you mention this UN issue to anyone else, you would be facing possible judicial action for "causing divisions" in the congregation. If you then did mention this to anyone else, and they in turn asked the elders about it, you would most certainly be facing the "kangaroo court" of 3 elders, pleading for your spiritual life.

    Do you deny that the above paragraph is a highly probable scenario?

  • darcy

    visit apostate websites?

    what?? We were studying the UN and FDR, and I had to write up about the DPI. I never imagined I'd stumble on this kinda stuff. I mean they withdrew in Oct. 2001, so it's not that big a deal, I know, so I didn't say anything, buuut, I have been wondering about it. (probably withdrew in oct. 2001 b/c they thought the world was going to end after 9/11, and during the "big A" it wouldn't be good to be linked to the UN)

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