Let's Decorate the Kingdom Hall!

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  • Nosferatu

    One thing that always sucked about the Kingdom Hall was it's blandness. Bland wallpaper, bland paint, no pictures, no windows, maybe a fake plant or fake flowers, the big sign with the years text, the cork board, and contribution boxes. BORING.

    What would you put into a Kingdom Hall to make it look more interesting?

  • unique1

    A big american flag, maybe July 3rd at night I could sneak up there.

    Christmas lights and ornaments would add a nice touch as well.

  • Finally-Free
  • carla

    I've always wanted to take some ferilizer on the front lawn in the shape of a cross, no real vandalism. Or suprise them with Christmas lights or a He is Risen sign at Easter. Or go the Luther route and varnish the UN papers to the glass doors. Just fantasy though.

  • drew sagan
    drew sagan

    I remember on time an Elder giving a talk before the Kingdom Hall was given a remodel. I was in the car with him on the way to the meeting. He asked his family what was the most obnoxious color they could think of so he could use it in his talk, explaining to the friends how we shouldn't get to worked up about what the Hall is exactly going to look like when it's done. Everybody in the car said the same color, 'Pink'.
    His talk that night mentioned that if we don't like the new pink blinds, or pink wallpaper, or pink paint that we really are missing the point of the Kingdom Hall. Of course he didn't know that...
    Everything in the Hall after the remodel was pink!

  • OpenFireGlass

    how about art work that depicts a black Jesus..

  • Dr Jekyll
    Dr Jekyll

    I'd like to put Stuffed bears like theses each side of the front enterence to welcome visitors


  • luna2

    The KH in this area is already decorated. Looks like somebody's bedroom...its all pink, teal, and floral. A couple of giant stuffed bears would be an improvement.

  • Nosferatu
    I'd like to put Stuffed bears like theses each side of the front enterence to welcome visitors

    Yeah! Give it the Paradise feel!

    I'd personally like to see a pic of Ray Franz on the wall.

  • Dr Jekyll
    Dr Jekyll
    Looks like somebody's bedroom

    Are there suspicious stains on the carpet?


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