Let's Decorate the Kingdom Hall!

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  • BizzyBee

    Some secular reading material, coffee-table books would be nice, just in case the talk gets b-o-r-i-n-g..........................

    I wonder how the KH re-decorating committee would feel about using a feng-shui consultant?

  • LDH

    You'll need this link if you're going to decorate.


    and you'll need their older, tacky stock from the 80's with "groupings" LOL. A couple of the sisters in my old hall were 'consultants' for this company so I guess you know where all of our decorations came from.

  • AK - Jeff
    AK - Jeff

    I fantasize about placing three crosses on the brick facade that carries the lettering 'Kingdom Hall of Jehovah's Witnesses". Nicely done, but cheap in the same white as the letters. It would be especially fun to do on the weekend they are at DC, so it would be up a while before they knew> [Snicker]


  • RachelHall

    The same adornments they have Patterson....chandeliers, waterfalls, and special paintings by talented publishers. AND the most important of all...comfortable cushioned seats with a side arm for writing notes and reading books. Maybe take a nap also.

  • juni

    Yes - that awful mauve in the late ' 80s! We got rid of all of the plastic greenery which the po's wife was in to. We had theatre seats at one time and they were so comfortable - no cup holders though. Then they changed to the usual chair that you see all over. They were so hard and uncomfortable awful for a person w/back problems.


  • kristyann

    Ahhhhhhahahahaha a cuckoo clock would be great!

    I think a lot of places, like churches or classrooms or anything, have clocks at the back, so that the audience isn't staring at it the whole time. Also, it's convenient for the speaker or teacher to keep track of time. A cuckoo clock would really throw that whole plan out the window, though, huh? :-)

    Has anyone actually ever snuck anything like jack-o-lanterns for Halloween or an American flag or a "He Is Risen!" sign for Easter? Would it be easy to do without getting caught? They don't have cameras monitoring or anything, do they? I know, I know, they are very cheap, but since they are so intent on spying on people, maybe they obtain cheap 1980s video recorders from somewhere and set them up and monitor the place? I'm serious. Would it be possible to do something like that, or would there be a police officer on my doorstep the next morning? (Since JWs are big fans of calling the police, even though they're not allowed to be police officers.)

  • daniel-p

    In one of my old halls there was this band of "older" sisters who had a very out-dated sense of home decoration. They got to always decorate the hall because either their husbands were elders or their children were elders. Anyway, every time they "redecorated" they used these huge wreaths - totally tacky stuff you see for $1.99 at Ross. Everything had to be either pink or any of 16 shades of muave - this way it all matched the shitty carpet. There was an eye-asualtingly pink shrub in the corner of the stage along with pink doilies on the chairs, as well as more muavish shurb things on the sister's table. Then of course, if there was a special speaker coming or a wedding or funeral they bought fresh pink flowers to go in front of the podium.
    Well, they finally renovated the hall and installed new siding, carpet, trim, wainscoting, crown molding, etc - it actually began to look like a modern facility. But then one of these old ladies marched up to the stage and mounted a brand new wreath with brown, muave, pink, yellow, and shit-collored flowers poking out of it. I was in stitches watching a couple of elders trying to tell this lady that she couldn't put her new wreath up there....

  • FlyingHighNow

    Hang a big picture like this over the stage:

    Put in stained glass windows with scenes depicting Armegeddon.

  • darcy

    Hang all those pictures from the old publications that gave children the heebie jeebies up. Show the true nature, eh?

  • luna2

    LMAO @ darcy! You'd have a real house of horrors then. I could see them putting up a bunch of blow ups of various Paradise Erf pictures. All those lion and panda bear petting kids, with adults harvesting grapes in suits and dresses. Save the Big A pics for the back room where the elders hold JCs and discipline the flock.

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