I want a "No Blood Card"!

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  • katiekitten
    I don't want one to please Jah. I just want one... any one, from anywhere.

    Bee, the JW card isnt a legal document, its just a statement of wishes that the medical profession have the courtesy to respect.

    If i were you, I would draft my own small document that I could carry in my wallet that states my intentions - something along the lines of:

    I .......... being of sound mind, on the ....(date)..... stipulate that I do not give consent for any blood or blood products to be administered in the event of an emergency. I understand that I may die if such procucts are withheld. I take full responsibility for such a consequence. I waive any rights I may have to sue in the event that such products are withheld.


    Make sure you renew it annually so that no-one can later claim in court that you would have changed your mind because the card was over a year old.

  • LDH

    She should request a "No Weaves" card.


  • BluesBrother

    Some dubs of my acquaintance carry these - it is not from the WTBTS, but a site designed for their needs

  • meljon

    This is all very amusing, I have been having a good laugh at these posts. I shall add my 2 cents worth...... never was a jw --- never wanna be !BUT picture yourself in a major trauma........... arrive at emergency room............ paramedics and nursing staff and emergency room doctors and respiratory technicians are doing everything to sustain life in your broken body,,,,,,,,, they are not giving any thought as to what paper is in your wallet with big red letters saying No Blood,,,,,,,,,,and no one is going to look for it,,,,,,,,,, they are too busy trying to get your heart pumping and rushing you to the OR to find and repair the big bleed in you belly. They probably dont even know your name yet, events happen really fast in a trauma situation. I work in a busy emergency department and it is not the same as on TV ! Most jws have received blood if needed to sustain life and dont tell about it. Never surprises any emergency staff........

  • Witchettygrub

    This clinches it! After reading about the elusive blood card available only for JW's in good standing and the position of jgnat's hubby, I'm convinced that this is an exclusive club like religion On second thoughts you'd think that they - the JW's - would be happy that outsiders are convinced that they are right re the blood issue. Witchettygrub

  • mkr32208
    You are clearly a retard, or you're a troll.

    Damn you beat me to it!

    This is the stupidest thing I've seen in a long time! And I regularly read the political forums! If you truly want to be pleasing to jehober go to the kingdom hall and hit some elder over the head and steal his! Just cross his name out and put yours in!

    As to the no blood directive I was an EMT for a while and if I saw one in someone's wallet who was in bad shape... Well somehow it always managed to get lost on the way to the hospital... Same with bracelets necklaces any other thing that said "no blood!" The only sure fire way is to get it tattooed on your forehead and that's only good if you didn't do a face plant and get it scraped of!

    What a moronic thing to want anyway! However from your post thus far I would have to say that shoe fits you well!

  • rebel8

    mkr, Wow! It is so interesting that the medical ID jewelry didn't stop blood transfusions. I am really shocked!

    What do you think about the wording "no blood" on the jewelry? I always thought it was kinda stupid/vague. No blood what? I remember back in the day the "suggestion" from the platform was to get the medical ID jewelry, and if you were given blood during an emergency and didn't have the jewelry, you would be deemed "not having done all you can to avoid sin" and "bloodguilty". The suggested wording was "no blood", which isn't terribly clear anyway. (How can you be bloodguilty for saving your own life? I guess that's another subject.)

    This reminds me of the no blood card's Cracker Jack consent to release medical information to the HLC--the wording doesn't meet legal requirements for medical ppl to release info, so it's fairly worthless. I just wonder why they don't put a tiny bit of foresight into these commands of theirs.

    It's almost superstitious if you ask me, like putting garlic around your neck and believing it's going to keep vampires away.

  • jgnat
    This clinches it! After reading about the elusive blood card available only for JW's in good standing and the position of jgnat's hubby, I'm convinced that this is an exclusive club like religion

    That's nothing. Hubby proudly showed off his convention badge this Sunday. Since he is not yet a publisher, he has to specifically ask for it. It's purple this year.

  • beautifulisfree
    The only way to get one is to be a "baptized" witness. They usually dont give them out to "unbaptized" publishers

    Well then the answer to your question is obvious...If you don't want blood become a baptized witness. Obviously if the witnesses wanted all people to be saved from Gods vengeance they would make them available to the public. Hummm...maybe they don't give a crap about anybody?

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