Extra training ... so you know that shooting babies is WRONG ?!?

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  • Tea4Two
    From now on America, you are on your own. Who knows which sides people will be on next time you want to start a war.

    Honestly! As Americans we should have never Interfered in the war between the Arab countries that was already in progress when Clinton and Bush went over there, to try and settle the 5000 year old on-going dispute for whatever reason.

    Americans DID NOT start the war in Iraq.....read your history! OR I mean to say their history!

  • AlanF

    Simon said:

    :: I highly resent your ridiculous hyperbole that suggests that all Americans support those criminals.

    : Really? Wow ... I'd be really interested to see where I have said that.

    Alright, here you go:

    The title of your thread is:

    "Extra training ... so you know that shooting babies is WRONG ?!?"

    Just who is "you" here? Just the soldiers? Or all Americans? Since almost all American soldiers are Americans and are more or less raised with American values, your implication is clear: Americans are raised such that they don't know that shooting babies is wrong.

    You're well known for bashing Americans as a people, not just the government. Others on this thread have so alluded, as shown below. That, in combination with your general tone of lumping all Americans together, is what I resent.

    Note how you keep saying "you", as if all Americans completely support what the government does, and are as lacking in moral values as the most heinous members of the Bush administration.

    You said: "From now on America, you are on your own. Who knows which sides people will be on next time you want to start a war."

    Language like that is addressing all Americans. If you're not addressing all Americans, then use a different form of address.

    I sarcastically said: "Like most Americans, I and my family enjoy eating baby on special occasions. It's unfortunate that the meat is so expensive. We should petition the Bush administration to start an industry to cater to us."

    Abaddon rightly said: "Just because Simon is a bit hyperbolic and over-states his point doesn't mean the fair part of his criticism can be laughed off."

    What do you think he means by "a bit hyperbolic" and about over-stating your point?

    You said to me: "However ashamed I am of my own government, at least I don't have yours. And that's what galls you doesn't it AlanF et al - YOU KNOW I'M RIGHT AND YOU HAVE NO ANSWER "

    As if I'm guilty of supporting baby-killers. And as if I need to answer you about why some soldiers have killed babies. And as if I support the Bush administration and its policies.

    As RubaDub said: "Please don't lump 'Americans' together."

    Here's more "lumping" language that uses "you" to do the lumping:

    You said to Gregor: "Lets get something straight. You faught the war for your own ends. You proffited from the war because we bought arms from you. You didn't enter when you were needed, only when attacked. We stood alone against Nazi Germany and protected you."

    Who is "you" and "we" here? I doubt Gregor had anything to do with fighting the War, or profiting from it. You certainly had nothing to do with fighting Nazis. Yet you address Gregor as if he were the American government.

    Understand my resentment? Or will you let pride keep blinding you?


  • Fangorn

    "From now on America, you are on your own. Who knows which sides people will be on next time you want to start a war." How great it would be if America could be on it's own. Unfortunately she always has to bail out the ignorant, the ineffectual, the unprepared, the cowardly, the useless appeasers and apologists who scream at her until the bad guys are coming through the door and then demand that she come to their aid. Eurostan and Englandstan are coming, I hope you enjoy it and I hope we leave your sorry asses to deal with it.

  • jw
    The last time I looked peopla are innocent until proven guilty. At least it is here in America. I for one am willing to allow ALL the evidence to come forth, unlike the the people above me.

    OMG what planet did you come from ( retorical question)

  • MsMcDucket

    God! They called my husbands a baby killer too! He's a Vietnam vet. They sent him "over there" when he was 19. Man! Don't get him started on this topic! You're liable to get hurt! You have to be there. It's crazy!

    I recommend this movie! I'm sure that my husband could recommend more!

    Rules of Engagement ( 2000 )

    Rules of Engagement Directed by William Friedkin

    Writing credits (WGA)

    James Webb (story)

    Stephen Gaghan (screenplay)

    Add to MyMoviesPhotosIMDbPro Details
    Genre: Thriller / Drama (more)

    Tagline: A hero should never have to stand alone.

    Plot Outline: An attorney defends an officer on trial for ordering his troops to fire on civilians after they stormed a U.S. embassy in a third world country. (more) (view trailer)

    User Comments: Interesting but too simplistic and lacking in courtroom sparks (more)
  • MsMcDucket

    At the risk of getting banned for life? Simon would you be one of the Witnesses sitting in a gas chamber?

  • Gregor

    I know, I said I was leaving this thread but I left my car keys on the little table by the door, soooo, since I'm here I would like to ask - How many of you feel that we Americans got what we deserved on 9/11?

  • MsMcDucket
    Whoever shot unarmed men, women, and babies, were definitely not heroic men.

    Sort of like when you drop a bomb? Who does it kill? Just the grown men? Yeah! Right! England has never dropped bombs right?

  • Mysterious
    i am ashamed of the human race. and i think everyone else should be also. not because i am ashamed, but because it is a shameful thing. this world cannot end soon enough.

    Perhaps the world would be a better place if instead of being defeatists everyone put their "I told you so and god will get you" energies into making things better. I live by reason, ethics and justice - not by faith in the unseen and unproven to deliver me from the unrepetant unrighteous.

  • SixofNine
    Sort of like when you drop a bomb? ; Who does it kill? ; Just the grown men? ; Yeah! ; Right! ; England has never dropped bombs right?

    Sort of. However, there can be legitimate military targets for bombs. We've certainly stretched "legitimate" beyond it's breaking point in this and almost all conflicts, but I don't really see why that would be an excuse to allow our individual soldiers to become undisciplined plunderers.

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