Extra training ... so you know that shooting babies is WRONG ?!?

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  • just2sheep

    oh supreme one,

    thank you for exhibiting such insight and attitude. if it wasn't for people like you, ones who have been on this forum forever and are still full of watchtower shit, i don't think i could carry on. if it wasn't for posts like yours i might feel a certain amount of anxiety over the fact that i haven't completely embraced the apostate dogma and i have yet to pray to you for advice. if ignorance is your choice i say so be it. ignore away. do you really think i have no experience with being ignored? as far as elaborating is concerned, don't bother. i don't believe you could elaborate your butt with both hands. but, if you do attempt to elaborate, i wouldn't ignore you because you need all the help you can get. over 9,000 posts and this is the best you can do---ignore me. how truly sad.

    oh and by the way, this world can't end soon enough.

  • free2beme

    I think that is extreme. People do make mistakes in war. That is why war is hell.

  • PopeOfEruke

    Hey at least the alleged atrocity is out in the open and being investigated. (Even if it was previously covered up.).

    Who knows what the result of the investigation will be but I believe some soldiers will be punished.


    I saw one man wounded in love,
    I saw another man wounded in hatred
    And it's a hard rain's a'gonna fall.

  • SixofNine

    "People do make mistakes in war. That is why war is hell."

    Just curious, if these people had been raped, but not killed, would you still have posted "People do make mistakes in war. That is why war is hell"?

  • crazies

    War sucks, civilians dying sucks. I don't agree with killing innocent people at all, but America definatley did not invent it. Women and children have been killed for centries during conflicts with both sides using them as martyrs to kill even more. Do any of us really know whats going on over there? The day in a life of a soldier? Bombs blowing up all over, never knowing if the next car, next person walking by has a bomb?

    Its easy for all of us to play backseat General or Soldier, but then again non of us are over there either risking our lives. I don't agree with killing civilians and I I hope somehow they can learn to control themselves. Looking back through history though I'd say that may be easier said than done.

  • free2beme

    Just curious, if these people had been raped, but not killed, would you still have posted "People do make mistakes in war. That is why war is hell"?

    Yes. People do stupid things when they are at war. Emotions are high, and that means logic is out the window. Did I say I forgive them? Well, personally they did not do anything to me personally, so nothing to forgive them for. Do I agree with what they did? No. To act like this was some country sponsored event, is bull. In WW2, rapes and wrongful murders happened. In Vietnam, same thing. In every war there has ever been, bad things happen, really bad things. Yet, acting like it is only the USA, just because it is in the news. Is another example of people getting manipulated by the media. I would bet most people here have hardly shown any protest the the terrible stuff happening in Africa, in their civil wars, and made comments like we would declare war against them because of this. War is hell!!!! That is why it should be the last resort and in this case, it was not.

  • AlanF

    Like most Americans, I and my family enjoy eating baby on special occasions. It's unfortunate that the meat is so expensive. We should petition the Bush administration to start an industry to cater to us.


  • Simon
    Those were WHITE women and children as well so they count more.

    I don't need to answer you. You already totally invalidated any argument you might of had.

    I dislike the American administration and all those who support it or try to excuse it's criminal and inhuman actions.

    However ashamed I am of my own government, at least I don't have yours. And that's what galls you doesn't it AlanF et al - YOU KNOW I'M RIGHT AND YOU HAVE NO ANSWER

  • Panda

    Simon, You love when this stuff happens, don't you? I do like it when you start a thread "so you know that shooting babies is wrong?!?" Gosh there's just so much to throw into the fray OHHHH where to begin ... As Americans we generally don't shy away from baby killing. Abortion. Oh hey you do that in England too don't you? My goodness you'd get beheaded for that in a mohammedan country. Beating your wife or child to death isn't ok in the US or UK; however it's perfectly legal in mohammedan countries. Oh and my personal favorite "honor killings."

    If I might add a few more comparisons I'll begin with Mr.NumberOneOnTrial for Crimes Against Humanity, Saddam Hussein who killed innocent civilians as a matter of routine, and often in large batches.

    The British slaughtered innocent Indians. Does the Black Hole of Calcutta ring a bell?

    The Taliban claim support from the Muslim brotherhood because --- well they're muslims, and according to the Mohammedans this is Koranic law. And they don't allow girls to be educated; women to work outside the home so that they starve to death if they are widowed; or espousing any other religious tradition all on pain of beheading.

    The murderous cult members in Iraq are not Iraqi. They come from places like Syria, Egypt, UAE, Pakistan and Israel/Palestine. These men (and sometimes women) are generally ignorant or sociopaths. They are feeding the megalomaniacs who proselytise them and often PAY the families for the "sacrifice". It's all quite convoluted. edited to add I almost forgot to mention that I am sincerely sorry that you have to deal with the economics of the Euro. Imagine one currency for an entire continent ... You won't catch us doing that. Is that why you hate America? You know we're related, right? Maybe it's a sibling rivalry ... Big older brother England and younger better looking brother America.

  • Gill

    War cannot be stopped until each human life is as important as another.

    The life of a thirty year old marine, is as important as the life of an unborn infant or a six year old girl.

    I think this is what the secular world is moving towards, although very, very slowly. Each soldier killed is pictured and the country stands shocked as we watch each coffin come of the plane. We start to remember that each one of them is someones baby, father, brother, wife etc

    A war like this , especially with the coverage the media gives, is beginning, though only just, beginning to make people think.

    Could be, in another hundred years, we will have advanced furthur and will not be able to understand how we sent our loved ones to die.

    The problem with Iraq now, is the emotional and mental damage being done to EACH AND EVERY HUMAN BEING there. The fact that a grown man is machine gunning a child shows, not that war is wrong, we already know that there was no justification for this slaughter in Iraq, but it shows that human beings brain has been destroyed. He will never recover, just as his victims will never recover.

    I'm not trying to be soppy about soldiers. But a soldier, is ONLY a human being.

    Mr Bush, Mr Blair.....what have you done?!

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