Extra training ... so you know that shooting babies is WRONG ?!?

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  • unclebruce

    g'day Josie,

    Silence is a great default mode that comes naturally to some, the rest of us need to work on our poker face

  • Shining One
    Shining One

    >Bush comes across as a donkey. Are most Americans embarrassed by their global representative?
    You are believing the lies that the leftist, mainstream media are using to undermine the war against terrorism. They carefully pose their poll questions to get a predetermined result so forget any of that rot. G.W. Bush has the gahoonies to stand up and punch out the thugs. Almost every liberal in congress voted in favor of the war and have turned to the other side because they imagine there are 'political points' to be made. All of their potential presidential candidates would have invaded Iraq (except that weanie, Al Gore) and endorsed the effort.
    Everyone villified Ronald Reagan until the Soviet Union fell.......remember the huge protests against Reagan's decisions to place upgraded missles in Europe and the Star Wars missle defense? That and the effect of the Catholic pope helped tear the wall down. If this country is able to finish the job, despite the whining of the idiot libs, G.W. Bush will go down as one of the greatest presidents in history. Just like Ronald Reagan.

  • Shining One
    Shining One

    >But that wasn't the point of my post. I welcome the day when the Bush administration is called to account for its criminal actions, and I highly resent your ridiculous hyperbole that suggests that all Americans support those criminals.
    You still sound like a JW, Alan. Worse, a liberal JW. Who are you calling 'criminals'? Has your golden arse ever been in mortal danger? Have you ever been shot at by a thug who stands amongst a crowd of children? Do you know that is exactly what the miltants are taught to do: use innocents to shield themselves? In Vietnam the women often carried satchel charges to heave at our soldiers. They also used chidren to throw grenades and other things (you probably whined if you got hit by a baseball). War is hell, Alan. War is often necessary to defend your freedom to behave like a knee-jerk liberal. Evil triumphs when good men stand by doing nothing. That is what JWs would do. Nothing.

  • Uzzah

    We train people and tell them it is okay to ignore their internal morality and kill other human beings. Then we question when they break our sense of morality. Interesting.
    The self control demanded of soldiers is rarely demonstrated by the people living back in the countries being 'defended.'
    I guess it is the comfort of the lazyboy that inspires such criticisms.

  • daniel-p

    "Evil triumphs when good men stand by doing nothing."

    Those women throwing grenades at you believe you are evil - and they are doing something about it, even though they arn't men. Having their children throw grenades too is a sign of absolute belief that they are combatting evil - on a scale we ourselves cannot even comprehend. So what is evil? What is truth? Who is right? Could the answers possibly be nothing and no one? Of course not, you've constructed too much of your reality to question it. Keep repeating your beliefs over and over again on JWD and maybe you'll finally stop second-guessing yourself subconsciously.

  • Spectrum

    Bush will not finish the job, if anything it will be exacerbated during his term. Until the west stops backing the zionazis against the Palestinians, the symbol of resistance, you'll have moslems rallying to the cause.
    As an American you don't know what it is like to be downtrodden for 60 years. It doesn't leave much hope for anything but to fight. Imagine if we were still fighting the Germans to this day and they had the upper hand. Regardless of the mistakes the Palestinians have made they did not deserve to have european Jews piled on them. The fault lays firmly with the UK and US for ducking the Palestinians over and by extension the current terrorism is aslo the AngloAmericans doing.
    It's just like when the Caeser invaded Gaul, wiped out 2 million Celts for their gold, then said it was their fault due to barbarian resistance. The real facts are, unfortunately the Celts had gold and were actually more civilised than the Romans.

    My point is, don't believe the establisment.

  • hillbilly

    Does "Dresden" ring a bell, Simon? A shame and a "crime" it is...but it happens and always will. Every nation has and will put young men in stressfull situations at home and abroad...with weapons and non-combatants will get killed.

    In-country warfare is always tough...and these kids are using Infantry tactics and equipment to do what a SWAT team would do at home.


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