Elders have no manners

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  • lawrence


    Afterall, these men are directly appointed by HOLY SPIRIT! These men will lead the flock into the Paradise.

    Did my meds and now I have it right... These men will lead the flock into the crapper.

  • general


    LoL seriously what do you expect from the elders, afterall they are " no part of the world" and therefore do not seem themselves as having to adhere to "worldy standards" of social etiquette since the social values of the society are above those of "wordly standards.."

    Elders....I know they view the job as having power equvilent to the President of the United States...which is absolutley nothing....if you think about it long enough...


  • SickofLies
    Sickoflies, do you have a peephole in your front door? ; If you do next time the elders pop over, call the cops then hold them at the door and tell the cops that you did not let them in the building, they are tresspassing and won't leave you alone. ; At least that's what I would do.

    Indeed, I have thought about this, I'm just wondering if I can keep them at the door long enough for the police to arive?? I think I have a plasuable defence for breaking and entering if I spray them though because I didn't give them premission to enter the building.

  • anewme

    I agree Jez, that is very annoying. In my fantasies I am this very together and loving Aunt Bee type who always has her house in order and fresh baked cookies and tea ready for company. But in reality I am never ready for company. And when I am.....NOBODY EVER KNOCKS!!!! Over time I have acquiesced to this truth.

    With everyone having cell phones these days it would be very easy for someone to give you at least a 5 minute warning that they were in the neighborhood and thinking of visiting. But NO!!!!! But think about it---- who are they out and about in service for anyway? THEMSELVES!!!! TO SAVE THEIR OWN NECKS AT ARMAGGEDDON!!! They are not really thinking about you or concerned with you personally. They were just thinking how to kill another half hour. Lets go and harrass Jez and her husband! Tee hee!!! (I wouldnt doubt it.)

    I would NEVER knock unnannounced at anyones door anymore---------except my old friend Kerstins door. Oh my how many times I did that when I was unhappy at home and needed a friend to spill on. She is the only Witness I miss so much. She was the one with the cookies and tea ready and opened her house and heart to me everytime.
    What a true friend she was and still is to me.


  • mrsjones5

    lol yeah spray first then call cops and say it was self-defense or maybe call cops first?

  • blondie

    One of my pet peeves regarding elders just "dropping by."


    w96 3/15 p. 26 How Christian Shepherds Serve You ***


    for Shepherding Calls

    ยท Make an appointment: It is usually good to make an appointment. If the elder plans to handle a serious problem, it would be proper to inform the publisher of this beforehand.

  • james_woods


    I think if you had this Kitty, you really could eat some Jdubs...

  • calico

    I am POSITIVE that they want to catch you off guard!

  • Bumble Bee
    Bumble Bee

    Sickoflies -

    In Canada it's not illegal to own a gun, you just have to have the proper permits (FAC), but it is illegal to use pepper spray on anything other than a bear (or in the case of letter carriers - dogs) Just be careful you don't end up with an assault charge. I'm also pretty sure you could call your super instead of waiting for the police - supers sometimes are able to issue certain tickets (parking, trespassing etc.). They shouldn't be allowed to enter a locked apartment building without permission from the tenant they are visiting.


  • Bumble Bee
    Bumble Bee

    Oh and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!


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