I'm gonna die

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  • HappyDad


    You made a great choice and I hope you really enjoy your riding experience.

    As an old biker going back into the 1960's (when I was young)(and before I became a JW and threw my love away) and only holding onto the Harley or Triumph and BSA........and Norton attitude...........

    The new V-Twin bikes of today are fantastic.

    Until October 4, 2003 when I got broadsided on my Harley dresser (FLTC) and wound up in the trauma unit of the best hospital in Pittsburgh, I would only recognize a Harley as being a motorcycle.

    Now..............when I see what the other manufacturers are putting out..........I have changed my mind. The bikes that Yahama, Kawasaki, Suzuki and Honda are making..........at half the price and less............than Harley...........I am awed!

    And the bikes are more reliable than Harley's.

    I personally know a few old diehard Harley owners who are singing the praises of the "knockoff" bikes.

    What I really used to like was a Saturday or Sunday ride with a dozen other Harley's from my local HOG chapter. And now.......there are more rides being done by the "metric" v-twin groups.

    Could be that I might purchase another bike for the joy of the group ride once again!

    Have fun with your bike and "RIDE SAFE"


  • sass_my_frass

    PAH, Harleys, don't waste my time. So you want to spend your saturday mornings working on the engine instead of actually riding it? Give me a fanging hot Japanese bike anyday.

  • xjwms

    Congrats and GOOD 4 U

    looks like a nice ride.........(sometimes wish I had a toy.)

  • startingover

    This thing about motorcycles being dangerous...I've ridden on both the street and dirt for almost 40 years. It used to be mainly dirt but now it's probably 50-50. I've been hurt on my dirt bike before, never on the street, but my main thought when hurt is how long it will take to heal so I can ride again. All the people I ride with feel the same way. Now most of my friends ride, so any discussion about injuries is how long before you can ride again. When I used to be around a bunch of people that didn't ride (at the KH) invariably if I hurt myself riding someone would ask me if I was going to stop riding now. That question always pissed me off.

    If I got hurt playing basketball with the "brothers", or broke my leg snow skiing or fell off my bicycle, no one would make that comment. But connect a bike to it and it changes somehow. I know bikes are dangerous, but so is life. To me the riding experience much outweighs the dangers.

  • Sassy

    nice bike!

    My son is looking at bikes too.. scares me a little...but I don't think I'll tell him he is going to die..

  • eyegirl

    oh god, i think i just soaked my panties!!!!!!!!! the pipes!! the pipes are callin!!!!!!!!!!

    the bike is gorgeous. i'll agree victory has come out with some great designs. the hammer holds a special place in my heart.

    yay that warmer weather is here. if it's in the 50's this weekend, i will hopefully be strappin on my leathers for a little jaunt to cure just a bit of the spring fever. enjoy your new baby!!!!!

  • Jourles

    I just got word today that the bike came in, but the accessories won't be in until early next week. Since it's supposed to rain the next couple of days, I just told them that I would pick it up when the accessories arrive, probably Tuesday. I'm getting excited now! The dream is almost a reality. I also ordered up a new pair of handlebars. Booya!

    oh god, i think i just soaked my panties!!!!!!

    LOL. I thought biker chicks didn't wear panties? Don't they go commando like us guys?


    My ex was always buying and selling bikes...I can't tell you the number of close calls we had. After the third incident within a year...I climbed off and stayed off. He ended up selling the bike as I wouldn't ride with him anymore. The thing about it was in each case it would have been me that would have been seriously injured!!! The last time we rode together, was through a national park...for some odd reason there was sand across the road at one point...the bike started twisting and turning...and I had the presence of mind to leap off the bike so that he could maintain control. He said had I not done that we'd have been in bad shape...as it was, I was the only one scraped up!!!

    We had several occasions where people pulled out directly in front of us and we had to go between that vehicle and on-coming traffic...that was exciting!

    We knew a couple that had a similar thing happen and the guy had to go off the road on the right hand side...he ducked the mailbox...his wife didn't...she went on to a better place.

    Just be careful!!! It's mostly the other people that you have to watch out for! Always be prepared for anything that comes your way and be thinking about what you'll do when it happens!


  • eyegirl

    hehehehehe.............good vibrations for sure panties are the chaffing barrier, lol.

    let me know if you want to borrow my kick ass pink-flame helmet sometime

  • hallelujah

    Sounds like great fun. I was driving last Friday (on the correct side of the road) when a drunken interloper from the oncoming traffic jumped the median strip and took out the front end of my car.

    Just remember when you're on the road your life is in everyone elses hands

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