I'm gonna die

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  • sf


    You so deserve this beautiful machine. Enjoy!

    You must realize, and you will, many Hells Angels love this particular bike as well. And I don't just mean because Harley-Davidson is its label. It kicks serious ass on the road.


  • daystar


    I had to sell my bike when wife got pregant with first child (I ever find the father that SOB is in TROUBLE!

    ... !

    Dude, that is just horrible...

  • greendawn

    It's a beautiful machine and as long as you drive it carefully there shouldn't be any problems. I hear that in the US there are low speed limits even on the highways.

  • ballistic

    Very nice, I'm a honda whore myself, well more like Honda comitted for life to be honest, though I have more of a production bike than that, I still love it to death.

  • Jourles

    Ol' Jourles might have to ride up on a Cheesefest this summer.

    You must realize, and you will, many Hells Angels love this particular bike as well.

    SF, I'm not sure what you mean by this. You mentioned HD right after. The bike I bought is a Honda Sabre. Did you think my bike was a HD? I can't see the Angels really liking a foreign metric bike. But I bought the pipes to make them think twice about if it is...

  • atypical

    Sweet!! That is a nice looking machine. I have been seriously thinking about getting a bike. Have fun, man. Just be careful.

  • sf

    Pardon me, I didn't read the thread. Going by just the picture, it looks an awful lot like many bikes that H.A.'s ride these days; nice flame jobs and beautiful chrome. Yet, yes, they only ride Harleys.

    You still deserve it, even if it isn't the Best Bike in the World.


  • Jourles
    even if it isn't the Best Bike in the World

    Give me a few months to make it stand out, then we can revisit this thread.

  • sf

    No matter, it will never be a Harley (THE Best Bike in the World).


  • startingover

    I guess we should clarify what "best bike" means. Here's my opinion:

    Buying a brand new Road King and having the cam bearings go out at 5000 miles, I don't consider that qualifications for "best bike". Having the rear brake lock up prematurely on the same bike and coming real close to laying it down to avoid a car is not a qualification either. Selling it for more than it cost new, yeah I suppose that qualifies.

    Now how about a GL1800 with ABS with an IPod pumping tunes through the sound system into my helmet, IMO those are qualifications! If we're talking XR650R flying across the California desert, that qualifies too.


    I used to have the "Ride Red" logo on the back window of my truck. You wouldn't believe some of the comments I got, like "are you a communist?" or others that indicated the ride part had some sexual meaning. Guess I should put it back, next to my "Flying Spaghetti Monster" sticker.

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